Choosing Between the Pope and the GOP…

2015-01-23_11-40-13The problem is simply that Francis has broken from too many elements in the Republican Party platform. First there were affirming statements about homosexuality. Then harsh words for capitalism and trickle-down economics. And now climate change. That, it seems, is a bridge too far. Francis has put conservative American Catholics in the position of having to choose between the pope and the GOP. It should surprise no one that they’re siding with the Republicans.

SOURCE:  The Week – The Republican Party’s war with Pope Francis has finally started.

Yeah, Pope Francis does seem to conflict with many of the current foundations of the GOP. He simply cares too much about the poor and economic inequality. Being a Franciscan priest who spent much of his life among the poor in South America I am not at all surprised. He cares too much about climate change and being responsible stewards of the earth. He cares too much about loving each other. So, with a battle looming of allegiances between their religion and their politics which way will  the average GOP conservative go?

According to this article they, for the most part, are choosing their politics and like the NYPD, are turning their backs to this new pope and that in my mind is a total shame. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though but I am definitely disappointed and I hope that it isn’t a broad thing among American Catholics. As a whole Catholics tend to vote Democrat but that is primarily because a significantly larger number of non-white Catholics skew the results that way. In my mind this is the most relevant pope in my lifetime as far as obeying Jesus’ command to love each other.


  1. Francis is a Jesuit 🙂
    I haven’t heard of one person, in my pretty large Catholic sphere, who has changed parties over the Pope. I have seen a resurgence of working on issues of the poor, which has always been the calling of the Catholic Church.


  2. No one in our family (mostly conservatives) or predominantly Catholic neighborhood has had anything but surprise and praise for the fresh voice of the new Pope. Of course many have turned away and continue to turn away from the church because of the sheer scope of abuse that has been uncovered and exposed. That and the oppression of women and indeed of independent thinking is the real reason people leave….not the frank speaking and modern thinking of the new Pope. If anything he may help save the church!


  3. Thanks you two for your input. I too look to the pope as a renewed hope for Christ’s church. He is addressing issues that should have been done years ago. It sounds like much of this back-turning is occurring in the southern Bible-belt states. It is good to hear that it isn’t happening so much above the Mason-Dixon line.

    But then again Catholics, even when I was one, did a very good job of separating their political beliefs from their religious upbringing. I could never understand how they can do that? I see today where the pope told all he bishops to co-operate fully with the new commission on child abuse.

    These are the kind of things necessary to stave off declining memberships. Sadly Jane I’m sure you realize that the oppression of women is probably not part of this new process.I suspect that will be left for a future generation.

    Yeah, we finally have a Jesuit pope. Isn’t that something to celebrate….

    I got to thinking about what you said Janette about Catholics not changing parties because of the pope. The point of the article was to say the opposite that because their politics are diametrically opposed to so many of the pope’s actions they are changing churches. When a person leaves a church they don’t often shout it from the rafters but instead leave quietly as I did. I didn’t want to disrupt the congregations peace. So you wouldn’t really know who has left unless it is a very visible member….


  4. I love this new pope. He’s up there with Mother Theresa for me on consistently practicing the true values of Christianity. And that’s coming from an atheist (who believes in living exactly that way!)


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