Weighing Nuclear Option…

2015-03-16_09-11-08“We were ready to do it”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he considered putting the country’s vast nuclear arsenal on alert to prevent outside agents from stopping the Kremlin’s forced annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine last year.

Putin’s admission was aired during a prerecorded documentary called Homeward Bound, which was broadcast on a state-backed television network Sunday in the run-up to the first anniversary of Crimea’s annexation later this week.

SOURCE: Vladimir Putin Admits to Weighing Nuclear Option During Crimea Conflict | TIME.

During our 30+ years of the Cold War and the nuclear standoff with the USSR a strategy was developed by the west called MAD. It stood for “Mutually Assured Destruction”. It went something like this. If the USSR bombs us with a nuclear weapon we will send off our entire nuclear arsenal on them and that will basically ensure that both countries, and probably the rest of the world, would be totally destroyed. The USSR then said we will do the same to you.  I’m sure that was constantly on the minds of both country’s leaders during those times.

Why do we constantly fear another country, rogue or not getting a nuclear weapon? The sixty year old technology is pretty much known to all the world’s scientists now. It is just a matter of getting the materials together to build one. We need a different deterrent to stop the spread of nuclear weapons than just trade embargoes and such. We need TAD, “Totally Assured Destruction”. That is the statement signed by all, or almost all, countries that says that if you use a nuclear weapon on another country the rest of the world will do whatever it takes to insure that your country is totally destroyed. No “if”, “ands” or “buts”. Your country is toast.

Can you image a hundred war machines immediately charging into Iran for example because they used a nuclear bomb on Israel. Would they really want to use a bomb under those circumstances? Of course part of this new tactic would require that the rest of the world start carrying their share of military might and that the US trim down our totally dominate war machine.  But wouldn’t that be a win-win scenario for everyone.

Let’s enact TAD and stop all these political games of one-upmanship that goes around a country buying aluminum cylinders..  Stop the current stupidity and come out plainly with “You use a nuclear bomb and your country will cease to exist”.

Occam’s Razor is a widely known theory that in its most basic form is “Keep things simple!“. That should apply here. We have prevented possible aggression with NATO in the past. Now it is time for TAD

Enough said….

5 thoughts on “Weighing Nuclear Option…

  1. Only one nation on Earth has ever used nuclear weapons. That nation would never give up the right to use them again, even in a first strike.
    Now, from Iran’s point of view. All their neighbors have nuclear weapons or are occupied by nation’s with nukes. They saw two of their neighbors invaded by a nuclear power because those neighbors could not defend themselves. They see another nation who has nuclear weapons trying to actively prevent them from getting nuclear power .They understand that they have the third most oil reserves in the world and so are a natural target of those nations. Ripe for invasion?
    If I was the leader of Iran I would want nukes , too. Wouldn’t you? How else can I defend myself?


    1. Yes Joseph, your description is very much old-world thinking. Everyone else has the bomb so I want it too. You say all their neighbors but if Iraq has a bomb it would surprise everyone. Didn’t we invade them over that false statement by Mr. Bush?

      I know there is a lot of hate in this world especially among the thousands of different religious sects but surely total destruction would reign in the want to kill your neighbors with a bomb?

      This blog is about thinking of things with a different angle. With TAD owning a nuclear bomb would be the detriment not an asset. Even without the TAD it any country used a nuck they would quickly make the rest of the world their enemy.


      1. RJ. I am simply looking at it from Iran’s point of view. I did not mean that Iraq had nuclear weapons. What I meant was that from Iran’s point of view Iraq is still “occupied” with military bases by the US. The US is the nuclear power . I guess I wasn’t clear.
        If I were the leader of Iran I would say to myself. “Well, the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because Iraq had no deterrent. We better have a deterrent or we are next on the list. After all, we have what the US wants and needs…OIL!”
        Is this “old-world” thinking? Yes, it is. But I am not sure if Iran’s leaders at present are beyond that. After all, many Americans are not .
        On the surface I like your TAD idea as a concept. But both of us ( unless the photo is your grandpa) grew up in the Cold War. I am afraid that most people alive today do not understand the true horror of using nuclear weapons. That is true on all sides of the oceans. Even in the times of MAD there were plenty of Americans who wanted to “nuke” the USSR. Remember JFK refusing Curtis LeMay’s demands to go to war over the Cuban Missile Crisis?
        Not trying to be a naysayer by any means. I just think that there are some leaders who would go to war without regard for their citizens. I do not assume that they are as logical as you or I.


  2. If you really want a different opinion then give Iran ten weapons. Give then fifty and welcome them to the club. Entrance into the club will bring with it responsibility. I would be surprised if the Saudis haven’t already received a few grim us. The pakis have them, Jordan probably does and we just disclosed that we gave them to Israel. But the deal is if you use them, then we reserve the right to pay you back. A different spin on the MAD theory that has worked.


    1. That reminds me of the Archie Bunker solution to hijacking. Give everyone going on the plane a gun. Who in their right mind, or even wrong mind, would jump up and say HIJACK. 🙂

      Yep lets bring back MAD, TAD or whatever you want to call it.


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