Sonny and His Sisters and Brothers

This is another story about my dad in his early years.  This one is about his brothers and sisters and his relationships with them. When starting these stories one thing that became glaringly obvious was there is really no photographic record of the Walters clan.  I don’t have any pictures of my aunts or uncles or even grandparents for that matter. They just didn’t seem to do pictures in those days. Maybe they were just too expensive? I inherited all the memorabilia of my parents and included in that was just a handful small photos and few legal documents. So, these posts on dad are pretty much just words. I don’t know if the lack of pictures was a generational thing of not? Anyway, on to the story of “Sonny”

Dad was the youngest member of his family. He had two sisters who were several years older than him and two brothers. One brother, as seems to be somewhat typical of that generation, died at a young age. I really don’t know from what? His two sisters, Opal and Dorothy were the outspoken ones in the Walters clan. Aunt Opal was a large woman in stature and she was also large in voice.  She died when I was maybe a teenager so I don’t remember much more about her. She lived her life within twenty miles of her birth.  Opal married a man of diminutive stature and she seemed to rule the household. I’m not sure that I ever saw her husband talk in Opel’s presence. I guess she did enough talking for both of them.  But when he was just with the men he could talk your ear off. They had a farm, I’m not sure how big it was, but it supported their lifestyle.  They had one son who was probably 30 years old still living at home and didn’t seem to have any ambition to do anything else.

Dorothy, like Opal, married a farmer in the area and lived a town over from her birth. Her husband raised several thousand chickens at a time.  They had a daughter who was born three days before me who I had a kindred relationship with in my early years but I lost track of her many years ago.  Dorothy was a very typical farmer’s wife. As I remember it, and I may have remembered it wrong, but her life revolved canning and taking care of the family.

Robert, dad’s brother, was much like dad. He never talked much and I really remember little about him.

Bucky Walters - baseball palyerNow getting on to “Sonny”, that was dad’s family name. He was the youngest and therefore Sonny. I don’t think many people knew dad’s first name. To his family he was Sonny all his life and after the war he was Bucky. He kept the “Bucky”  moniker throughout his life. As I remember the story he was named Bucky by his army comrades because he looked similar to “Bucky Walters” who was a baseball player of the times.

Next time I will get into dad’s traumatic war-time experiences. Like many others who have been exposed to the killing in war he was forever changed by those years.

Anybody out there want to tell a story about their parent’s families??

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