Social Justice Is a Christian Tradition — Not a Liberal Agenda

Many Christians are wary of participating in social justice because of a deep-rooted fear of being labeled “liberal,” “progressive,” or “secular.” They don’t want to be associated with “secular” movements, and are uncomfortable delving into issues that go beyond their cultural comfort zones. But the Bible tells us that Jesus cared deeply about the social causes around him….  Christians do a disservice to the gospel … Continue reading Social Justice Is a Christian Tradition — Not a Liberal Agenda

Virginia shooting proves Americans aren’t numb to tragedy..

For decades, members of the news media have struggled to determine whether a gruesome photograph or video crosses the line from newsworthy to something so disturbing that it is potentially harmful. Source: Virginia shooting proves Americans aren’t numb to tragedy — we just have a higher tolerance for it – Yahoo News Sadly we seem to get a weekly dose of tragedy of gun violence … Continue reading Virginia shooting proves Americans aren’t numb to tragedy..

You Can’t Go Home Again…

I recently made a ten-hour walking tour of the college I graduated from. I had briefly driven around campus a few time before but never got out of the car.  It was fifty years ago this month that I had my first exposure to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana.  Needless to say that a LOT has changed since that time both to me and the campus … Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again…

Apple Live TV ….

Apple Inc. customers waiting for the company to revolutionize live television as it did for music and phone service will have to keep waiting, at least until next year. Source: Apple to delay live TV service to 2016 – Yahoo Finance. It is amazing how so few companies can change our culture so dramatically.  Apple is certainly one of them.  They revolutionized the music business so … Continue reading Apple Live TV ….

I Am A Jon Stewart Fan… After The Fact…

He nailed the insane reason we still need to talk about climate change Yes, 99.9% of the scientific literature shows that climate change is real and worsened by the things we do every day, like driving cars and burning fossil fuels. Yet political representatives who continue to deny that very real science continue to serve on government science committees.  In September of last year, Stewart nailed Representative Larry Bucshon (R-Indiana) … Continue reading I Am A Jon Stewart Fan… After The Fact…

Museum of Indian & Art Culture – Santa Fe NM

The pictures shown in the slideshow are from the grounds of the Museum of Indian & Art Culture in Santa Fe New Mexico. It is a fantastic place to visit. Santa Fe is quickly become my favorite city on Native-America culture and history. It is a very interesting fact that the Pueblo Nation which is in this area is the only nation to not have … Continue reading Museum of Indian & Art Culture – Santa Fe NM

Like a Death Wish… I Can Only Hope….

Last week, Jeb Bush told an audience in California, “It is strength, and will, and clarity of purpose that make all the difference.” This is the Tinker Bell school of foreign policy that has spread over most of the Republican presidential field. Clap if you believe in a stable Middle East where Syria is rid of ISIS, Al Nusra, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and any … Continue reading Like a Death Wish… I Can Only Hope….

Fear # 4 – Social Security Will Disappear

Only 20 percent of Americans believe there will be enough money left when it’s time for them to retire. To fix the problem, some people believe Social Security should allow means testing, where benefits are based on a person’s income. Others think the tax should be raised, the retirement age should be raised or the benefits should be cut down. Though there’s disagreement over how, … Continue reading Fear # 4 – Social Security Will Disappear

The Disparity of Benefits… And a Possible Solution…

SEATTLE — Microsoft said on Wednesday that it would offer new parents an additional eight weeks of paid time off from their jobs at the company, in a significant boost to its parental leave benefits. Microsoft’s changes to its policy came a day after Netflix, the online video service, said it would allow new mothers and fathers who are employees to take as much paid … Continue reading The Disparity of Benefits… And a Possible Solution…

Use of Deadly Force….

But the chief said he ultimately decided Miller’s mistakes required his firing. While he said he had “serious concerns” about Miller’s use of deadly force, Johnson said it would be up to a grand jury to decide whether Miller’s actions were criminal. Source: Police Chief Fires Officer Who Shot and Killed Unarmed Texas Football Player | TIME. I’m not going to talk much about the story … Continue reading Use of Deadly Force….

Indoctrination and God…

WENDY THOMAS RUSSELL:  I did a survey of 1,000 nonreligious parents to find out exactly that. And the top reason cited was, people weren’t sure how to talk about religion without indoctrinating their kids into what they believed themselves. That was a hard line. The other one was interacting with religious family members and keeping the peace in families. When you’re raising a child who … Continue reading Indoctrination and God…

Unskilled Labor..

A little over a hundred years ago the world was in a paradigm shift away from farming to manufacturing. This was a very disruptive thing for many who were living during those times. Cars were replacing the horse and buggy which had been the primary mode of transportation for more than a century. Automation of farm implements resulted in much less labor needed to produce the same goods. … Continue reading Unskilled Labor..

Something For Nothing…

But since Piotrowski describes property taxes as “unethical, unchristian-like” and a form of “financial slavery,” he decided to make a statement. “Since I’m being forced to pay for something against my own will, I’m paying in pennies,” he told The Philadelphia Inquirer. SOURCE: This man collected 50,000 pennies to make a statement about paying his property taxes – Yahoo Finance. I don’t know about you but these … Continue reading Something For Nothing…

Cord-Cutting Gets Ugly: U.S. Pay-TV Sector Drops 566,000 Customers in Q2

Cord-cutting headaches for pay TV have now progressed beyond just a dull, throbbing pain. Cable, satellite and telco TV companies suffered their worst-ever quarterly subscriber declines for the three months ended June 30, collectively shedding more than half a million accounts — an accelerating erosion that’s put new pressure on operators and media companies exposed in the pay-TV biz. Source: Cord-Cutting Gets Ugly: U.S. Pay-TV Sector Drops 566,000 Customers in Q2. Later … Continue reading Cord-Cutting Gets Ugly: U.S. Pay-TV Sector Drops 566,000 Customers in Q2

Cruel and Unusual….

(CENTENNIAL, Colo.)—Colorado theater shooter James Holmes will be sentenced to life in prison without parole after a jury failed to agree Friday on whether he should get the death penalty for his murderous attack on a packed movie premiere. Source: Jury Sentences Aurora Movie Theater Shooter to Life in Prison | TIME. The Colorado theatre incident seems like a long ago memory now that so many … Continue reading Cruel and Unusual….

Ode to the Farm House..

One of the things I complain about the most is having no help in choosing a career/direction for my life.  I went to a very small rural school and even though I was assigned the agriculture teacher as my counselor he was actually anything but.  I think every one of those he “guided” was told to be a farmer. He simply didn’t take that responsibility seriously. … Continue reading Ode to the Farm House..

You still use a landline? FCC voting on new phone rules

Some customers, consumer advocates and the telephone-workers union accuse the phone companies of not repairing copper networks that they want to shut down. The new rules would prohibit companies from retiring a copper network through neglect. If it wants to abandon copper, it would need to tell customers. SOURCE: You still use a landline? FCC voting on new phone rules – Yahoo News. This was a … Continue reading You still use a landline? FCC voting on new phone rules