Recycling Centers And Local Level Politics…

I recently wrote a letter to the editor of our small town newspaper in response to some members of the city council not wanting to fund the local recycle center.  Here it is:

Dear Editor,

It troubles me to see that our local government would even consider shutting down our recycling center. Some say “the constituents in my district don’t use it” so therefore I don’t want to fund it. How shortsighted can some elected officials be! I am an avid recycler, probably 80 percent of my waste goes there every year. I don’t “use” the recycling center for me, I use it to be a good caretaker of my little part of this earth. Would it be simpler to just toss it all into one big barrel to be carted of to the landfill? Sure it would but we all need to think about future generations. We must realize that our resources on this earth are not limitless; they will eventually be used up.

Yeah, I could point to the thousands of dollars I give to support our local schools yet have never benefited from a dime of those expenses. Even though I don’t benefit in the least I see the overall good and support them. They say the center needs about $100,000 per year to keep it running. That adds up to about $5 a year per citizen. How about we skip a Starbucks coffee once a year or maybe a couple of beers and instead send that money to the recycling center. We spend $6 million dollars a year for our local schools. It just takes two percent of that amount to be good caretakers on our earth? It is money well spent.

RJ Walters

Landfill Recovery Operator of America

After sending the letter a vision came to me of 22nd century mining operations above all our landfills trying to recover all the natural resources we threw out in the 20th and 21st centuries.