Two Very Different Views Of Being Christian…

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said President Barack Obama “pretends to be” Christian

“I’m less concerned about what faith the person has. I’m more concerned about the authenticity of their faith and how that plays out in their politics … I’m also concerned about a guy that believes he’s a Christian and pretends to be and then says he is, but then does things that makes it very difficult for people to practice their Christian faith,” Huckabee said. “I’m disappointed if someone says, ‘I’m a Christian,’ but you invite the pope into your home and then you invite a whole bunch of people who are at odds with the Catholic Church policy. I think there’s something very unseemly about that,” he added.

Source: Mike Huckabee: Obama pretends to be a Christian –

I find it tragically ironic that the story above comes from a person who was a minister of a Christian denomination. The bible says more than a thing or two about judging others but this previous minister seems to have skipped that lesson in his bible. Are Mr. Huckabee’s words typical of all Baptists in this country? I just don’t know…

No man has a right to judge what is in another’s heart and to do just that is a fatal affront to God who does. If this were the story of the week I would likely be depressed once again on the narrowness of Christian beliefs.  But thank heavens that it is not the only story. Pope Francis has lightened my heart in religious matters. He is truly living out the words of Jesus.  Mr. Huckabee on the other hand just wants to secure his following in the bitter, angry, and anti-everything base of his party. I guess his words will get him a few more votes there but I am hoping that elsewhere people will come to understand the character of this particular politician….

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