Anybody but Hillary? 

Then there are Biden’s recent statements staking out a more conflicted position on abortion than one expects to hear from such a prominent Democrat. This places him far closer to the consensus position on the issue than most leading members of his party and may indicate that he would cultivate more of a working-class, middle-American sensibility than we’ve seen from a Democratic presidential candidate…

Biden should only jump into the race if he can persuade Warren to change her mind and take the leap with him, forming a complete ticket before the first votes are cast this winter, with the senator from Massachusetts serving as a running mate and senior domestic policy adviser in waiting. Take Biden’s everyman charisma, foreign policy chops, and extensive experience as a senator and vice president, and combine it with Warren’s firey, whip-smart, left-liberal populism on domestic policy and you’d have a hell of a ticket. It would be one straight out of Hillary Clinton’s nightmares — and one perfectly poised to poach support from Sanders with the message, “I get why Bernie appeals to you, but we will do it better — and we can win this thing.”

Source: Anybody but Hillary? The case for Biden-Warren 2016

A Biden/Warren ticket!!  Wow wouldn’t that be something.  I must admit that Biden has never excited me much but he is probably more a “real” person than all those others seeking that office and maybe that is what we need in the White House right now.  Lord knows that none of those folks for president in the GOP are “real”. There is just too much pandering to their bases by all of them.   I suspect if Biden were to be president he would be known as “President Joe” to most of us now and into perpetuity.

I am almost sure that I will be voting on the Democratic side this time and personally I would like to be offered an alternative to Hillary.  Yes, if she can keep the hounds off her she would probably get some important things done but she just seems to have a sense of entitlement now that kind of turns me off.  Would I be saying the same thing if she were a man?  I don’t know..  We in this country had a revolution centered around our disdain for a monarch and that is kind of like how I see this Clinton/Bush thing now.

Lets put Joe in the Oval Office with a promise to only have one term in office.  Doing that he could actually get some things done as he wouldn’t have to worry about gathering up the billions needed for a second run. He is so old it will probably happen anyway. Elizabeth Warren says she is not ready for the presidency but with four years under her belt as vice-president she should be more than ready for 2020. Maybe by that time we will have driven all the “anti” nuts out of congress so she could actually get something done.  In my mind she would definitely be a people’s president.

I try, at least in my later years, to be an optimist about things…. Go Biden/Warren….

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