When You Are Not Running Again…

“Which makes you wonder, why are all these Republican politicians so down on America?” Obama said, drawing laughs. “I mean, I know it’s political season, but listening to them is kind of depressing.”

He accused Republicans of hearkening back to 2008, as if things were better before he took office in the midst of the Great Recession. “To hear them tell it, those were the good old days, the golden years, and then me and Patty — we messed it up!”

Obama mocked Republicans for denial of climate change, saying if 99 percent of doctors told you you had diabetes, “You wouldn’t call it a hoax.”

“And you’ve got the chair of the Energy and Environment Committee in the Senate holding up a snowball during winter and saying, ‘See — it isn’t happening,’ ” he said. “No, it’s a problem — you guys are laughing.”

Source: Obama raises cash in Seattle, says GOP is ‘down on America’ | The Seattle Times

It’s ironic how politicians seems to speak their minds when they are no longer running for a political office. That is just what President Obama did in the words above.  He can finally speak his mind without the fear of offending a political donor.  That is refreshing, too bad we don’t have one-term limits for all our political offices. Maybe something would finally get accomplished if they didn’t have to be constantly begging for money to win the next election.

If we go back to our founding, term limits kind of make sense.  To our founders being a politician was never meant to be a lifelong occupation.  You were supposed to serve your country  for a period of time and then go back to your regular job.

In a year or so Mr. Obama will move off into his post-presidential life. No, he won’t sit around and endlessly watch baseball as the previous president seems to be doing. Instead he will, similar to most of the Democrat Oval Office holders, find a cause to help make the world a better place.  It is funny how without exception for the last 50 years Democrats continue to give back while Republican seem to care little or nothing for philanthropy after the presidency. That fact should tell us a very basic difference between those who choose one party over another.


2 thoughts on “When You Are Not Running Again…

  1. So, I’m new to your blog, but I find myself agreeing with your posts on politics. And I’m curious how you survive in Indiana. I’ve spent a fair amount of time there (S. Indiana is beautiful!), and it’s really RED. Do you just keep your opinions to yourself? Or do you have friends you can chat with in Indiana that keep you sane? 🙂


    1. Welcome to the blog and thanks for all your comments Hope. It is nice to come across people who share my views. Yeah, Indiana is really red, you are right about that. No, I don’t keep my opinions to myself. All my post are automatically sent to Facebook where many of my friends see them. Believe it or not there are a lot of progressives around but we are definitely in the minority here. Keeping sane, well that’s another matter… 🙂


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