I Love Pragmatists

Banner PragmatistsIt has been a while since I brought up a new category here at RJ’sCorner.  After seeing so many people stuck in one mode of thinking I have come to passionately embrace the concept of pragmatism.  Let’s look at its definition:


I like to think of myself as being a pragmatist.  All my life I have looked for solutions instead of alliances. I try to look beyond the labels.  A big part of pragmatism is logic instead of dogma.  With dogma you are told what you are to believe; with pragmatism you search out the most practical answer by questioning everything.  Dogma allows us to stay stuck in a rut with no practical way of getting out.

It will be interesting to start concentrating on pragmatism on some of my posts.  I don’t know exactly where this will go but that is also part of pragmatism. You don’t have a predefined path. After careful thought you go with what is practical and what works the best for any given situation…

I Love Pragmatists


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