A Pragmatic Government….

Malcolm Turnbull has vowed to set aside ideology and be “thoroughly pragmatic” in power as he urges business leaders move on from their past concerns about the dysfunction in Australian politics….

“I want to say to you tonight, emphatically, that the business of government is to get things done.

“Australians expect their elected representatives to deliver practical, commonsense policy to improve economic security and the general well​-​being of the nation.

“We need to be thoroughly pragmatic. We need to be open-minded and practical, business-like.

Source: Turnbull vows to set aside ideology for pragmatism | The Australian

A pragmatic government, I can only dream of such a thing for the U.S. We are so mired down in politics and unbendable political dogma that pragmatism seems utterly impossible. But is it really?

The new Australian leader seems determined to accomplish it for his country.

Even the new Speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives is spouting a level of pragmatism but I kind of think if it were to actually happen it would be totally drenched in conservative ideology that it would not even resemble the word.  I would love to be proven wrong.

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