Its Called The Government..

A healthy society needs to provide people with health care coverage, retirement income, unemployment insurance, and paid time off, among other things. For a long time now, America has relied on employers to pony up many of these benefits on their own. But there’s increasing pressure throughout the economy to break that link, and allow more flexibility into the contracts and relationships between employers and employees.
So a group of minds …  think we need some sort of alternative: a structure, separate from any individual employer, that can provide workers with all those benefits, and allow them to carry them uninterrupted from job to job. The Washington Post reported that this group has put together a statement of principles.
But here’s the thing: Our society already has an institution that fulfills all these requirements. One that can provide workers benefits from retirement income to health coverage to paid leave, that can muster the resources to do so, and that can do all this completely independent from all employers.
It’s called the government….

But having the government take over the burden of many of these benefits would clearly offer employers more freedom, so it seems fair to restrict their freedom somewhat in this other area. Flexibility isn’t the only goal, and entrepreneurs don’t have some God-given right to try out any business model they want.

No one’s wringing their hands over the business model flexibility that America squashed by outlawing child labor, after all.

Source: Why America’s sharing economy needs a massive expansion of the welfare state

The premise of helping business by taking most of the responsibilities of caring for their workers away from them just makes pragmatic sense to me. Even our constitution says it is the governments job to “provide for the general welfare” of its citizens. So, what it the problem? I think basically it is because there is a significant portion of our population that just don’t care about the general welfare of our citizens. Especially the ones they don’t know.  To them it is all about their selfishness, some might call it greed, for more and more and of course that can only come by taking away from others.

Believe it or not the rest of the world knows things that we are yet to learn. If only we would take their examples and implement them our country would be much better off.  But instead we take this macho stand that if it is not invented here then it is not worth any effort to accomplish.  The “not invented here” syndrome is very dominant in this country.

Yes we are the leaders in this world in so many things but that doesn’t mean that others can never have better ideas than us. Once we get over that idea we can’t learn from the rest of the world and be better than we are…

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