Move Along…


Sometimes it seems that the NRA is a police force who forces “their” laws on the rest of us. They have such a strangle hold on so many politicians as to get their way even when it is opposed by a vast majority of our citizens. Realizing that we have more gun violence in a day than Great Britain has in a year should be sobering to those in DC but somehow they simply ignore it and the obvious solutions. When will we finally get representatives who actually represent us in the nation’s capital? That answer is totally up to us if we just have the guts to do it….

2 thoughts on “Move Along…

    1. You are spot one Jan but maybe I would add a word to that. It comes down to “informed voting”. When we get all our information from one or two partisan groups (read Fox News/NRA) then we are letting them decide for us who to vote for. Question Everything.. Thanks for the comment….


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