The Bathroom Issue…

Being a self proclaimed Red Letter Christian I am a constant follower of this website. The article below states that everyone is ignorant until they learn about a subject.  This article is about the anti-transgender law recently passed in North Carolina. It is supposedly about bathrooms but apparently it is really much deeper than that.

If you miss everything else I’m saying here, please hear t2016-03-30_06-45-46.pnghis: this legislation is not about bathrooms. The bathroom issue is real, but there are some fairly easy answers that could satisfy everyone, if that were what they were seeking. This week’s actions are just another episode in a political game that’s feeding on the ignorance and fears of us, the voting public. These politicians have learned there are several tricks to keeping their constituents where they want them, and these two are among are the most dependable: 1. pretend it’s somehow related to Christianity, and/or 2. convince the people they need to be afraid of something. Most often it seems they combine the two….

Here is a good rule of thumb in political and religious controversy: If it singles out a group of people as inferior to you, or less valuable to God, think twice, and ask yourself if your fears are coming from a biased news source or from a friend or relative who listens to such a source, and then seek to balance it with what the other side is saying, or better yet, if you claim Christianity, how does it measure up to Jesus’ example and teachings of unity, inclusiveness, and love for our neighbor? Politics is making us a more and more divided state and nation, but I can’t help but believe that we are better than this.

via We Are Better Than This – Red Letter Christians

The GOP has been very adept in keeping their coalitions together, that is until at least recently. Of course the two major components of that for the so called Evangelicals is to pretend this is a attack on their religion and that they should be very afraid of it. Sadly fear seems to drive so much in today’s world. If you look far enough in the Old Testament you can find words about homosexuality but you can also find reasons for not eating pork or many other diet restrictions.

I must admit that I don’t know much about the transgender issues. But if someone is so willing to take on the hates of the world and serious surgery to change their sex it must be a very serious issue for them. That is almost enough for me. I won’t judge them anymore than I want someone to judge me every time I eat a pork chop.

The bathroom issue, which is supposedly the prime reason for the NC legislation is an easy fix that should probably have been done years ago. Why do we have two sets of bathrooms in today’s world? Why not uni-sex bathrooms? When I was in college, dormitories were either either male or female. Now they are mostly intermixed. If we trust our teenagers to live together why can’t we quit segregating ourselves when we use a bathroom?

It seems simple and probably should have been done years ago.