An Eye For An Eye Makes the Bible Blind

2016-05-15_11-08-13.pngHaving dipped into theology for a ten year period I learned that some have been studying the Bible for centuries and have a name for almost every concept that it might contain. The ‘flat Bible’ is a new one for me but the concept is one I most adamantly disagree with.  Putting every word in the Bible as being of equal importance make absolutely no sense to me. Here is a little about that from my friend at Red Letter Christians.

Only a ‘flat Bible’ perspective can justify living in such a blind way. Instead we must recognize that the ‘red letters’ of Jesus—especially in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’—call us to another path. A path our fear-mongering politicians hope we’ll ignore. A path that calls us to embrace radical grace and love and forgiveness. A path that remains much harder to follow than merely swinging for someone’s eye.

SOURCE:  An Eye For An Eye Makes the Bible Blind – Red Letter Christians

I know my Baptist friends for the most part view their Bibles as flat. I’m sure there are many others.  To me the Bible refutes itself in so many instances to make the idea of all the words have equal important simply ridiculous.

It is easy to realize that the  “an eye for an eye” concept on the Old Testament bible is responsible for much, if not almost all, violence in the world today.  The Israelis and the Palestinians are killing each other everyday based on that belief. Religious extremism, at least the ISIS version follows the same logic.

I have studied enough theology to understand that the Bible is a very difficult document to get a high level view of.  Too many latch on to one or two sentences in it and then ignorantly go on to treat the rest of it as if it totally condoned their tunnel vision.

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