Managing Our Money…

If I am known for anything here at RJsCorner is it my contrarian view of many things. Managing my money is one of them. ¬†I know there are many blogs out their that strongly advise us to seek out financial planners to manage our money. ¬†Supposedly they take a percentage¬†of our assets each year in order to invest our money where it will get¬†the highest … Continue reading Managing Our Money…

Perpetual Utterance of Self-Applause

I love reading about the history of America and some of the best critiques come¬†from outside our country. Two of my favorite quotes comes from the idea of the “Tyranny of the Majority”. ¬†That is when the majority in our country tends to deny basic civil rights to various minority groups. Of course the most glaring¬†one is slavery but there is also the murder of … Continue reading Perpetual Utterance of Self-Applause

About Brexit and the British.. And How We are NOT Like Them

241 years ago we were part of the Great British Empire. We were loyal, although complaining, citizens. Then we chose to go our own way and eventually after a four year rebellion got our way. We still have common bonds with GB but we are also markedly different. One of the major differences is that we are a nation of immigrants and Great Britain is … Continue reading About Brexit and the British.. And How We are NOT Like Them

Someday You Will Have Been All Of These…..

For this lazy Sunday afternoon I wanted to bring back a post from over three years ago here at RJsCorner. ¬†It seems to be even more dreadfully needed today than it was then…. How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in … Continue reading Someday You Will Have Been All Of¬†These‚Ķ..

When Leaving Religion Costs You Everything…

When I read the words in the source article below they rang very true to me. Even though I was not a minister like he was I too felt the cost of being forced ¬†out of a church community for having ¬†different/unacceptable beliefs. I dared, among other things to say the earth was more than 6,000 years old. After 36 years in the Evangelical Charismatic … Continue reading When Leaving Religion Costs You Everything…

Rapp-Owen Granary

The Rapp-Owen Granary is just one of perhaps a hundred buildings that have survived from the two utopian communities that were established in New Harmony Indiana. The Rapp-Owen Granary is perhaps the largest and most elegant. ¬†If you are ever near southern Indiana and have an interest in history, especially utopian communities New Harmony is well worth a visit. (click on any of the pictures … Continue reading Rapp-Owen Granary

Trip Report – Southern Illinois… Give Them a Break..

I have several interesting posts to do on my just completed¬†micro-RV trip into southern Illinois. As usual I managed to avoid interstate highways for ¬†all but four miles of the 700+ adventure. ¬†Anyone¬†even vaguely familiar with Illinois know that the vast majority of the state’s population resides in the extreme northeast around Chicago. I can hereby attest that there are almost no people in the … Continue reading Trip Report – Southern Illinois… Give Them a Break..

Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar

I have been holding off on this post so as not to offend¬†some people’s views of that holiday. My friends at Red Letter Christians have spurred me in thoughts once again. This time it is about Memorial Day. I have always found it strange that we as a nation celebrate our wars. Some even seem obsessed with them. To me war is the failure to … Continue reading Memorial Day Is Not On the Church’s Calendar

U.S. Reveals Death Toll From Airstrikes

President Bush’s use of drones and elevated them to an extreme level. We are told that the innocent lost of life because of these drone strikes are one of the primary reasons so many hate us in that part of the world. ¬†They strike so quietly and devastatingly to strike terror into innocent citizens of those Middle East countries. Yes, we are known by some … Continue reading U.S. Reveals Death Toll From Airstrikes