When You Think Of Indiana??

¬† ¬†I know that most people from outside the Midwest probably can’t even put Indiana in the right place on the U.S. map. ¬†But I think when asked “How would describe Indiana?” the answer many would give is that it is a cornfield with lights. ¬†I admit that for the most part Indiana is kind of boring. ¬†It doesn’t have an ocean or mighty mountains. … Continue reading When You Think Of Indiana??

Congressional Pensions??

When our founders set up our government their intention was that its citizens would come to the nation’s capital for a period of time ¬†to contribute to the running of the people’s business and would then return to their normal lives. ¬†Of course that is not what is happening today. There are way too many people ¬†in our congress who are now collecting very lucrative … Continue reading Congressional Pensions??

Swiss Heritage Village – Berne Indiana

¬†¬†On one of my recent uRV trips to northeastern Indiana I visited the Swiss Heritage Village. It was recommended to me by the tourist information center in the city of Berne. ¬†I was not aware that there was a strong Swiss presence in that part of the State. Here are some pictures of that visit. (Click on any picture to see a larger slideshow view) … Continue reading Swiss Heritage Village – Berne Indiana

Nothing New Under The Sun…

I think the title above came from Solomon but for me it refers to my uRV (micro-RV). ¬†I have spent the last couple of years putting stickers and saying on the camper cap. I think it looks pretty unique.   But then I ran across the following picture from the Nationa Museum of¬†American History. I really didn’t think I was the first to put messages … Continue reading Nothing New Under The Sun…

We Have Come To The Point….

Change, change, change… that seems to be our world today. While I for the most part embrace change I don’t like change simply for changes sake. That according to the source below seems to be almost where many are as¬†technology consumers. dIn 1984 when PCs were first on the scene I quickly embraced the technology. ¬†But I also quickly discovered that there were many things … Continue reading We Have Come To The Point….

Caught Between Two Worlds….

This post is part of my continuing study of the Autism spectrum and particularly Asperger’s Syndrome. I am stuck between two worlds in my life.  I am a deaf man who lives almost exclusively in the hearing world but neither the hearing world or the deaf world considers me a homeboy.  I am seldom around other deaf people so I can’t speak for them but … Continue reading Caught Between Two Worlds….

The secret lives of screen-addicted teens

The source article from which the below quote was taken is a detailed desciption of what an social media addict does during a typical day. Unfortunately I seem to see more and more of these young addicts every day. The best thing is the little notification box, which means someone liked, tagged, or followed her on Instagram. She has 604 followers. There are only 25 … Continue reading The secret lives of screen-addicted teens