The Hypocrisy Of Politics…


Snippet BannerHypocrisy, especially the GOP brand,  seems to be flowing in a torrent flood lately. The GOP controlled House spent millions of our tax dollars trying to take down Hillary because of a guy with an RPG in Benghazi.  But they never mentioned any of the times above while their guy was in the White House.



5 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Politics…

    • Thanks Lavender but I don’t see anywhere on my post that I or anyone else made fun of people who died. Every death is tragic. Using those deaths all 58 of them mentioned here for political purposes is equally tragic…


  • Unfortunately for me, I see this as apples to oranges. Yes they were all attacks but you have to include the context of what was going on at each of these places and compare that to Benghazi.

    Plus, I think that every attack after 2003 you can bet that President Bush got a heap load of critical comments from the media. Because when he invaded Iraq, he lost the primary motivation for starting the war in the first place and the media were circling like sharks and in 05 they got the Karina mega fail that sealed his presidency.

    And now I am slightly irritated that I have to defend President Bush and to a lesser extent Hillary Clinton. It is tough to apply morals and a sense of right and wrong to any President.

    And dont forget the current President just paid off some rag-tag boy scout level military group 400 million dollars to release 20 US Navy sailors.

    Sometimes, it is really tough to be a honest Democrat who will not be voting for Hillary.


  • Thanks for the thoughts Rob. I share many of them, some not so much.. But I, like you, pray for someday getting a “real” moral president, not just one who seeks the power of the office as so many have recently.


  • When my husband’s military complex was blown up (while I was at school several miles away) during the Clinton years (1995), we were lectured that the families needed to stay because it would look bad if we left. Since we had to have an official visa to LEAVE Saudi, we were stuck until Kovar towers were bombed and many more were killed.
    I think what bothers my husband and I about the Clintons is not that people are killed under their watch (which is part of the deal when you are military or State), but that they have no real hesitation about leaving people behind. That the counsel was attacked is one thing. That it was left to “take care of itself” is the mark that Clinton stance has not changed.
    But then, we all have different experiences that shape our lives.
    Gosh, why isn’t Bernie on the ticket!


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