South Union Shaker Village..

  I have visited and posted about Pleasant Hill Shaker Village many times here on RJsCorner but never about it’s sister village at South Union.  Unfortunately it did not have the fortunate fate of Pleasant Hill so most of the buildings and even the graveyard was destroyed.  But there is enough there to appreciate its unique beauty. This post will concentrate on some of the rural … Continue reading South Union Shaker Village..

Part 9 – My Adventure Into Aspergers – What To Do??

This is Part 9 of 10 of My Venture Into Asperger’s.  This post is primarily about my what should I do with my new found knowledge. After about two months of studies I am convinced that I exhibit in some degree Asperger’s Syndrome characteristics. That conclusion brings up the question “Now What??” What do I do with this new found information?  I am seventy year old today, do I … Continue reading Part 9 – My Adventure Into Aspergers – What To Do??

How to end voter suppression once and for all

The quotes below are a nice addition to the recent post about voter suppression. The solution given is to add an amendment to our U.S. Constitution to say that everyone over 18 has an inalienable right to vote. This sounds like an ideal solution to me. A Fourth Circuit panel ruled a few months ago that North Carolina’s voter ID law violated the Constitution because it targeted “African-Americans … Continue reading How to end voter suppression once and for all

Corvette Museum – Bowling Green

  On my most recent uRV trip I visited the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY.  I am not necessarily a Corvette or even a car fan but I recognize that Corvettes are a significant part of America. They are our answer to all those expensive foreign cars like Porsche and such. One of the things that drew me to this particular place was the story on … Continue reading Corvette Museum – Bowling Green

Part 8 – My Venture Into Asperger’s – Myths..

  This is Part 8 of 10 of My Venture Into Asperger’s.  This post is primarily about myths that have grown up around Asperger’s and Autism in general. Since the source is rather long I have edited it somewhat and  will for the most part let it stand by itself..  Myth:Asperger’s Syndrome only affects children: Therefore adults can and should grow out of it with time.Many people have a … Continue reading Part 8 – My Venture Into Asperger’s – Myths..

“Anybody But Hillary”…

“Say something often enough and people will believe it.” I’m not sure who originally said the quote above but it is certainly true during the current presidential campaign. But if you step back and look at the facts it often tells you a different story. The below words are from Red Letter Christians by Kathy Vestal. She has managed to address almost all the things in a … Continue reading “Anybody But Hillary”…

Something Soothing…

  There is just something soothing about seeing people do good words in Jesus’ name.  Given our totally insane political season we all need something soothing. Catholics seem to be especially suited and tuned to doing good works. With that in mind one of the places I visited this year during my uRV trips was St.Meinrad Archabbey in Ferdinand Indiana. It is one of only two … Continue reading Something Soothing…

The Stone Ceiling of Religions

There are a lot of things about today’s religious establishments that hinder their outreach to the 21st century population. The glass, or maybe stone ceiling is one of them. Faith leaders grappling with women’s inclusion in religious leadership roles are in danger of the same pitfall. By focusing exclusively on “what is traditional” for their religion rather than asking the crucial question: “What change is … Continue reading The Stone Ceiling of Religions

Part 7 – My Venture Into Aspergers – The Aspie Quiz

  This is Part 7 of 10 of My Venture Into Asperger’s.  This post is primarily about the Aspie Quiz. After studying this condition for a good while I took the Aspie Quiz. The Quiz is a pre-diognostic tool to help determine if you might be autistic.  The quiz is a group of 50 questions that are rated on a scale of 1 to 6. The answers to … Continue reading Part 7 – My Venture Into Aspergers – The Aspie Quiz

In the Name of Jesus, Stop Executions

I am thoroughly pro-life in all its forms.  Yes, abortion kills a living being but so does war and executions. Pro-life means believing in the sanctity of life before and after birth. Jesus made that pretty clear in his teachings and I intend to follow him in that and most all other regards. Some folks will argue that the death penalty is necessary for the … Continue reading In the Name of Jesus, Stop Executions

Why America’s good fortune won’t last

All we seem to hear lately is how the bottom rung of the employment ladder is stuck at dreadfully low conditions. Part of that of course is the low minimum wage level. Historically, mainly due to GOP gridlock, it has not been increased nearly enough to keep up with the times. But it is nice to see that significant gains have taken place in recent … Continue reading Why America’s good fortune won’t last

The Appeal of Simplicity In A Complex World..

I loved the quote in the title above when I came across it recently on the CNN Channel’s GPS.  Too many people want easy-to-understand answers to all the problems around them. So when someone comes along and tells them that the solution to gross wealth inequity is to build a wall around the country they jump on board. When someone tells them that the answer … Continue reading The Appeal of Simplicity In A Complex World..

Part 6 – My Venture Into Asperger’s – Body Language

  This is Part 6 of 10 of My Venture Into Asperger’s. As usual I will start out with a personal story and then show how that links into Asperger’s. This post is primarily about my body language. I have never thought too much about body language. I know I am told that it is a very significant part of communications but I just don’t see how that is? … Continue reading Part 6 – My Venture Into Asperger’s – Body Language