One of my hobbies (yeah I have many) is to take photos of group pictures from past generations I find in my travels and elsewhere. This one is from the Indiana Historical Society publication.

A Larger View

The right side middle picture was taken in 1916. I enjoy zooming in on these type pictures and trying to imagine what one person’s life in that group was like.

TL Banner  I know the image of an old person is generally not linked to a dreamer but that is just what I am. Many think old people are just supposed to “sit back and watch”, their dream days are behind them. To that I say poppycock…. 🙂

Dreaming is a lifelong process that never ends. My earliest dreams were to try to touch the sky. For some reason I have always been attracted to looking up. Even as a very young boy in the early 1950s  I could be found lying in the grass on a summer night looking up at the stars and dreaming about them and what the future might hold for me.

ISOA Banner  I spent a couple of summers during high school as a farm hand. A lot of it was putting up hay but some was helping with the planting and harvesting.  I hate to admit it but some of these antique tractors were the same models that I drove during those years.

Everything is being automated now. Even the tractors are beginning to be driven by GPS enabled robots. Less then 1% of us are now working the land. Its good to look back on the past to see where we have been.  I enjoy the continuing tractor shows here in the Midwest.