Downtown Revitalizations..

Let’s face it most of our major city downtown areas fall into disrepair due to ever tightening budgets. Many try to revitalize their city centers and some are successful. One of those cities is Louisville KY. It has been a while since I was there but their “Fourth Street – Live” was quite a hopping place even in the middle of the week. They deserve my … Continue reading Downtown Revitalizations..

The best God joke ever … Revisited

This is a revisit of a post I wrote here in 2012. It still applies today. Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, “Dont do it!”  He said, “Nobody loves me.”  I said, “God loves you. Do you believe in God?”  He said, “Yes.”  I said, “Are you a Christian or a Jew?”  He said, “A Christian.”  I said, “Me, … Continue reading The best God joke ever … Revisited

Stifling Competition..

  My Republican friends seem to think that competition is the only answer to reducing healthcare costs. That logic is used as their reason to try to privative Social Security and basically eliminate Medicaid.  But in reality the GOP seems to be just pro-business in all regards. Whatever CEOs want they should get is their mantra. It is nice to see at least one major politician that seems … Continue reading Stifling Competition..

VACANCY — Looking For a Leader of the Free World..

For the last 70 years or so the job of “Leader of the Free World” was automatically bestowed on the person occupying the Oval Office. That just doesn’t seem to be possible this time around. The person in that room is simply too erratic in his nature to assume that mantle even though I am sure HE thinks it is a worthy of that title. … Continue reading VACANCY — Looking For a Leader of the Free World..

It’s The Democrats Fault You Lost your Health Insurance

The political spin machine is running at breakneck speed now. It doesn’t matter whether what it contains is true or not, it seems so many people believe anything that you tell them. Yeah, it’s the Democrats fault that so many millions will lose their health insurance upon the repeal of ACA…. because they shouldn’t have given it to you in the first place. Simply speaking … Continue reading It’s The Democrats Fault You Lost your Health Insurance

People of Faith For Resistance..

There seems to be many opportunities cropping up on this first day of a new administration for resistance to draconian change they intend for our democracy in the upcoming years. I am particularly happy to see Christians in this mode. No, not all Christians are among the 81% of Evangelicals who pushed the current administration in office.  In reality they are a small percentage of that … Continue reading People of Faith For Resistance..

Our Collective Futures…

   I will be the first to admit that the last eight years have not been America’s best. We were far too entangled in partisan warfare to really accomplish what is needed to keeping America the envy of the world.  And then there was the election of an extreme egocentric narcissist to be our future leader. As many are saying now the USA seems to … Continue reading Our Collective Futures…

Why Unconditional Support??

Something that has always been unfathomable to me is the U.S. unconditional support of the state of Israel. Why do we continue to throw billions of dollars of our borrowed resources into that country year after year when in reality they almost never heed any of our advice. A two  State solution with the Palestinians is the most obvious workable solution to this decades going … Continue reading Why Unconditional Support??

To Those Who Need It The Most…..

Today I thought I would talk to you about my struggle with the inconsistency of the Bible. Philip Gulley who has written several books on this topic is a well know Christian author of the Quaker persuasion. He is one of my favorite authors of any genre. Let’s start this topic with a quote from one of his books. For what good is grace—this unconditional love … Continue reading To Those Who Need It The Most…..

Crayon Marks Scribbled Across My Brain..

   Since Saturdays have a pretty low viewership I thought I would start a new top level category of posts primarily for this day of the week. That way a few less of you will come to realize what a loony I am. 🙂  I am cataloging these posts  as Crayon Marks  as most of these thoughts seem to be like crayon marks scribbled across my brain.  They come and … Continue reading Crayon Marks Scribbled Across My Brain..


  Omaha is perhaps my favorite city. It has a small town feel but is ripe with history and preservation.  The sculptures strewn throughout the downtown area are awesome. It is also the home of the Durham Museum and Father Flanagan’s Boys Home. We spent four days there on two separate occasions and still haven’t seen all there is to see. For more pictures of Omaha … Continue reading Omaha…

New Years Resolutions??

I am not going to make out a numbered list of things I hope to accomplish in this new year as those lists seem to quickly get lost in the spin of life.  But there are some high level topics to be considered:  RJsCorner I need to resolve to not get upset about what happens in the political world this coming year and to especially ignore the everyday things from … Continue reading New Years Resolutions??