How accurate are your Blogger stats? – Not Very..

Ā This snippet is for all my fellow bloggers out there, everyone else can just ignore it. Ā  I have been looking into my blog stats lately and have discovered some interesting things. I am on WordPress and the general consensus is that it gets less traffic than Blogger because the Google search engine gives priority to its own app. But, what I actually discovered is … Continue reading How accurate are your Blogger stats? – Not Very..

When we Christians shun our responsibilitiesā€¦.

Jesus clearly told us to be our brotherā€™s keeper but somewhere along the way we Christians unapologetically shunned that responsibility. During the first three centuries, Christians were very much their brotherā€™s keeper. They often pooled their resources so that those neediest were taken care of. They not only cared for their own there is even documented evidence showing that they took care of those not … Continue reading When we Christians shun our responsibilitiesā€¦.

Making Stuff So Rich People Will Spend Their Money…

Ā  Ā I am a car guy, a good part of my TV viewing is the Velocity Channel where they routinely make and auction $200,000 to up to $4,000,000 cars. It seems almost every time someone goes to my favorite car builder it is to “fill in their collection”. They have most of the 60’s Cameros but need another to fill a hole. Ā Another show is … Continue reading Making Stuff So Rich People Will Spend Their Money…

What About The Soul??

With this post I am going to go deeply into philosophy and speculate on just what is life. I couldn’t decide if this post belongs in the “That’s Life” category or “Crayon Marks” so I put it in both. Ā šŸ™‚ Man has spent ages trying to figure out what happens after we end our life on earth. Ā For Christians, Jesus tells us that our spirit … Continue reading What About The Soul??


Ā Ā One thing that Indiana simply doesn’t have are mountains. To me, there is just so much majesty in mountains. Sometimes I have brief glimpses of being a mountain man but I think that is probably just too much watching “Jeremiah Johnson” than anything approaching reality. šŸ™‚ So, this InSearchOfAmerica post gives you some of my favorite pictures of my travels out west in the last … Continue reading Mountains…

About Deafness — Chapter 92

I realized that it has been quite some time since I put out a post primarily about deafness. But the title of “chapter 92” is kind of made up.  šŸ™‚  This particular chapter is the result of an episode on the CBS News – Sunday Morning about being in an anechoic chamber. First off the program mentioned is not really about “news” but more of like … Continue reading About Deafness — Chapter 92

We Donā€™t Know What We Donā€™t Know

This post isĀ a first review of a book by David Brooks called the Social Animal. It delves into the basic nature of man. David Brooks is a writer for the New Work Times and is a weekly regular of The PBS Newshour so I have a regular exposure to him. He is the conservative voice that I most admire in these current crazy times I … Continue reading We Donā€™t Know What We Donā€™t Know

Everyone Deserves a Hand Up…

As I have grown older and wiser I have learned some important lessons in life. One of them is that everyone deserves a hand up whenĀ they come across hard times in their lives. The words of Jesus taught me that early on but I guess I just wasn’t ready to hear that message. It would be years and many personal relationships before I took itĀ to … Continue reading Everyone Deserves a Hand Up…

Free-Range Kids..

I know that free-range chickens are now quite a fad especially when you hear stories about theĀ other method of raising them. I don’t know but I guess people tend to think that they taste better because they have a variety of weeds, stones, and such to eat. Myself I prefer the $4.88 roasted chickens from Sam’s Club. šŸ™‚ This post is not really about chickens … Continue reading Free-Range Kids..

Pope Francis.. Not Afraid To Speak Out..

To me the foundation of my spirituality lies in the words of JesusĀ inĀ Matthew 25, particularly verse 40:Ā ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Pope Francis almost wants me to return to my religious roots in Catholicism. He says inconvenient truths that so many other religious leader shy away from … Continue reading Pope Francis.. Not Afraid To Speak Out..

Here’s To You California..

Ā Ā I will be the first to admit that I have only been in California on a handful of occasions and only once in the 21st century. But here is my gallery celebrating your State. Ā I visited San Francisco and those pictures will be coming soon. But for this gallery I want to concentrate on the central farm lands and such. Here is a gallery of … Continue reading Here’s To You California..