How scientists are scrambling to safeguard vital environmental data..


Snippet Banner  The question of the year is just how much critical and maybe irreversible damage can the current executive branch do? The small snippet below from a recent PBS Newshour episode says maybe very much when it comes to climate change data.

science3JUDY WOODRUFF: Almost since the day President Trump was sworn in, members of a loosely aligned grassroots movement composed of academics, programmers, researchers and scientists have been archiving government data they fear could disappear…

Source: How scientists are scrambling to safeguard vital environmental data | PBS NewsHour

Even this early into the new administration there are signs that widespread censorship is taking place.  If you go to the NASA website and search for the words “Climate change” you will not find any references on that site. NASA which controls much of the satellite info no longer gives you any information. It is believed, but maybe just hoped, that the data has not been purged but simply archived.  But the grass roots program as cited above is scrambling to get copies of government data before it disappears.

Losing all the current government controlled data on global warming would likely set back the science years and possibly beyond the turning point of being able to affect this human made condition. As far as this administration is concerned it is better to be safe than sorry as there is nothing logical about the current executive branch.

One thought on “How scientists are scrambling to safeguard vital environmental data..

  • My beloved Mother would always say “better safe than sorry.” Thankfully we have some wonderful technology to store and save important data. Whatever is or isn’t going on right now will eventually pass into something else. If we need to get back on track, moving forward will be much easier with easily retrievable data. I remain hopeful that the delivery of blessings upon this earth have not stopped!!!


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