I’m Taking Life More Personally Now…

With my brain trauma event, I seem to be taking life more personally now.  After some deep reflections, I have decided that what might happen twenty years from now should not be on my radar screen. Even ten years is questionable as I will likely not be around even then. Why should I fret over a time when I won’t even exist, especially since I leave no heirs to suffer the consequences of these idiotic times.

I have been weaning myself off politics for a couple of months now and I am seriously thinking of simply pulling the plug on that topic. It is just getting too dirty for me and I simply don’t see a way out of that condition anytime soon.  I will leave it to others to pull us back from the edge if that is even possible now. Summarizing,  I won’t spend any of my remaining days fretting about things I have little control over.

My recent personal reflections are not all negative in nature.  I have decided to take time each day to reflect on the good things that happened that day.  I will thank the Lord for every day he gives me.  Each one is considered precious in my mind now.  How I spend those days is also changing.  I won’t flitter them away waiting for better circumstances that will likely never happen.  I will do my best to make something good happen every single day that I have left. I will proverbially stop and smell the roses.

How is this going to affect my blog here at RJsCorner?  I know a large part of my viewership comes from my observations on politics. My hit count has already taken a serious decline, but that is ok.  I will just have to take the thought that doing RJsCorner more for myself than for anything else. I will continue with some additional fervor my photography and travel posts. They are an important part of my life, especially now.

I also hope my creativity posts increase to take up some of the space left behind and of course I will continue “having my say” on non-political topics.  If none of this interests you then it is time for you to delete my blog from your reading list.  I do hope that there are some of you who stay around so that I am not totally talking to myself.  🙂

With my stats going down I may also need a little additional encouragement from those who continue to hang around RJsCorner.  Life goes on a day at a time now…. at least for me.

6 thoughts on “I’m Taking Life More Personally Now…

  1. I agree with most of what you said. I’m tired of politics and don’t see change in the near future and I feel this change is worldwide not just the US. And then there are the third world countries whose life is so meager that climate change, acceptance of others, protecting the environment, fair wages and all the things developed countries deal with mean nothing to them, as they are just trying to exist. So I believe all of these problems will take time much beyond our lifetime to solve, if ever.
    I do feel you have a gift of writing and I, for one, love philosophical discussions of issues that sometimes have no right or wrong. I think you could do that realizing you might get occasional heated replies, but it would be interesting.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Mary. I don’t think we are the only two that are fed up with politics. 🙂
      I can’t help but get philosophical once in a while as it is an embedded part of my character. So, via “Having My Say” I will continue with that but to a lesser degree I imagine.

      Here is to a new way of thinking about things…..


  2. I think it was last year that I decided to blog just for myself. I had earned a little money doing various things on my blog. I realized one day that I was not enjoying the blogging experience and I didn’t like show casing other people’s work. The funny thing was my hits did not decrease. It was very much the other way around.

    Remain true to yourself and enjoy the ride. Read good books that are challenging and smile a lot. Life truly is good! You know better than anyone that each day is a gift. 🙂

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  3. I’ve completely had to change my orientation when it comes to following current events now. Where I previously read the news online literally all day, followed by watching the evening network news on tv after dinner, I now restrict myself to reading a few stories in the morning after I awaken, check the headlines once in the afternoon, and generally speaking forgo the tv news in the evening. I decided if I’m going to survive the next four (two?) years, I’ll need to pace myself.

    I fail to see any rhyme or reason to blog statistics. Some of my most lame and purposely-imbecilic posts get the highest stat hits, while the posts in which I actually spend quality time writing do poorly. Just keep writing as the mood strikes you, R.J. I think that makes the most sense. Be well… – Marty

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  4. I for one will stick around as long as you keep blogging, R.J. I may not always comment, but I love you photos of birds, nature, and trips to off the beaten path places. And your personal stories are very interesting to me too. As Mary and Barbars said, be true to yourself and write what you feel. We don’t need to dwell on politics any more…it is depressing and really is detrimental to our health. You are making a wise decision.

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  5. Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words. “To thy own self be true” is wise advice from some wise people. I will definitely take that advice going forward. I am progressing now to the point where I want to get back to doing everything (physically) as before but my doctor tells me “a little longer” so I am trying to be patient. But I do expect a full recovery, thank the Lord. I can’t wait to do my first uRV trip this year and start taking some more pictures and visiting places I have never been.

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