The Alienated…

¬† I read an interesting article in the New York Times recently trying to figure out the alienated voters who put the current guy in the Oval Office. There were some aspects of the article that I had not fully considered. Angry voters made a few things abundantly clear: that modern democratic capitalism is not working for them; that basic institutions like the family and … Continue reading The Alienated…

Religion In America – Bishop Hill

This week’s Religion in America post will be about Bishop Hill in central Illinois. ¬†Like last week’s post it is about a group who escaped a State sanctioned Lutheran system of belief in the mid 1800s. This time it is from Sweden but pretty much mirrors that of Zoar Village story from Germany. This group settled into a communal colony where everything was held in … Continue reading Religion In America – Bishop Hill

Religion In America – Zoar Village Ohio

¬† ¬† I will start off this series of religion in America with the latest place I visited and that is Zoar Village in central Ohio. ¬†I visited here last summer on one of my frequent micro-RV trips. ¬†As is common in many historical religious settlements it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the info for this post was obtained from … Continue reading Religion In America – Zoar Village Ohio

Celebrating Bad Grammar??

¬† ¬† ¬†I ran across a blog site today that celebrates bad grammar. ¬†The author claimed that using proper grammar was just too conformist. He wants to be a radical so he uses bad grammar. I kinda think that he has a deeper underlying reason? Celebrating our mistakes in life leads to nothing more than going deeper and deeper down the well. Eventually we run … Continue reading Celebrating Bad Grammar??

Sunday’s Religion In America Series..

¬† My intention going into the new RJsCorner was that I would use Sunday to sometimes post about things religious. With that in mind I thought I would start a new series about the founding of the U.S. by people escaping religious persecution in other countries. I probably have a couple of dozen of these type communities I have visited over the years of traveling … Continue reading Sunday’s Religion In America Series..

High Tech/High Touch And The Good Old Days

¬† ¬†Back in the beginnings of this technology race we are currently in there was a saying “High Tech/High Touch” meaning that as technology becomes more prevalent we need to also be exposed to more real thing we can feel and touch. ¬†That saying, along with so much more seems to have been lost on the ash heap of time. But I personally kind of … Continue reading High Tech/High Touch And The Good Old Days