“Checks & Balances” Were Meant For Our Times…

HavingMySay Banner    When our government was formed over three hundred and fifty years ago the founders were concerned about someone usurping total power. To prevent that they wisely instituted a pretty severe form of checks and balances. No one person or group of persons could take over without trampling their newly formed constitution. That was a good thing and it still is today.

If there was ever a time when the principle of “checks and balances” in our government processes were meant for it is certainly now. With the current Oval Office Occupant having so little knowledge of government process, or much of anything else for that matter, we need a way to prevent him from destroying our American Democracy. Checks and balances appear to be doing just that, at least for now.

2017-06-12_10-22-05.pngMr. Trump seems to thinks he is a autocratic king with all his daily signing ceremonies, many of which are totally meaningless.  He seems to  believe all he has to do is to sign a document with his lavish signature and it will happen.  (Why does he think we need to see his signature each and every time?) 🙂

I have heard he just doesn’t like to read or study much as he thinks he is already smarter than anyone else but maybe someone should try to give him a high school level civics lesson in the basement of the White House. Someone needs to convince him that he is not a king that he apparently thinks he is.

Yes, he has managed to unravel many of the progressive things accomplished by his predecessor but the Judicial system has stopped him from putting a religious test on those who might come to the USA and now congress with the help of a special council is trying to make sure he is not trampling on the Constitution in a number of areas.

I’m sure the Evangelicals who so adamantly and ignorantly give him their 100% support are screaming that he is being treated TOTALLY unfairly but I think he is just reaping what he has sewed for so long. I don’t know how parents can explain to their children that it is ok for the president to tell obvious and outrageous lies on a daily basis but their  children must always tell the truth? That would be a toughie for me..

I also can’t understand how the Evangelicals cling to this guy. Don’t they understand that by doing that they are irreparably damaging their religious brand? To me, it is almost as if they have morphed from a religious institution into a political one.  And that is sad…

Yes, at least for now checks & balances put together by our founders seems to be working. We can only pray that they continue to work for however long this guy stays in the Oval Office. I hear the world famous Irish oddsmakers say he has a 50/50 chance of surviving his first year in office and the odds go down after that.


  1. Checks and balances you would think would protect us and our democracy, but times are different now. I see two things here. The Republicans are more concerned about being re-elected than doing the right thing, so most of them support Trump outwardly and vote to HIS base in order to insure their re-election.
    And second, it is his base that are allowing the loss of our founding principles, separation of Church and State, and keeping America a welcoming haven for the less fortunate that want a chance for the freedom we so take for granted. Trump has opened the floodgates for suppressed racism, anti science stance and a green flag for bullying, lying and ignorance.
    His base cannot be turned around. They are too grounded in their beliefs, much like religion where being wrong is unacceptable and impossible.

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  2. Oh and the Evangelicals support Trump for three reasons. Their perceived belief that he is anti abortion and anti gay marriage, anti climate change and their own suppressed racism ( their feeling of white superiority.) I guess that’s four.

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  3. Thanks for the thoughts Mary. His “base” is now estimated to be about 25% of the voting population so if all those congressional representatives are counting on them to keep their seats they might be in for a big surprise come the next election cycle. I will make a prediction here and say that then next few elections will have some of the highest percentage of voters going to the polls in recent history. And they won’t be voting for Trump supporters. I find it ironic that we are the biggest and most powerful democracy on earth and yet we usually come in close to last when in comes to the number of us who vote. I think this will be a wake-up call for those folks.

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