We Are A Country Better Than This!

2017 is proving to be a brutal year for the USA. The personal and very vicious attacks from the early morning Oval Office are so demeaning and what is happening in congress to take away healthcare from millions of us is almost evil. In spite of this I hold out the belief that we as a country are better than this and that the 45th president along with his congress will go down in history books as a temporary blip of insanity and poor voter judgement. It will quickly be forgotten when it finally ends.

But, will that really happen? I can only dream that on this very patriotic 4th of July.

We have been and will again be a country better than this.


3 thoughts on “We Are A Country Better Than This!

  1. I certainly agree with you guys that we have managed to go to the edge and back several times but that doesn’t guarantee that it will always happen. Just one of T’s idiotic and dangerous tweets could set off a major conflict and world war. It bothers me but not to the extent of keeping me up at night.

    Thanks for the comments and the silver linings for today…


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