It’s Never Too Early..

Some might say I am jumping the gun but to me it is never too early to start looking for a replacement for the current Oval Office holder. I have no doubt that he will go down in the history books as the worst president in history. He has set the bar so low for qualification for that office that anyone, including me, could be a viable candidate.

Power to the People

It’s never to early and I have set my sites on who I think would do the best job. I have been following her for some time now. She seems to almost mirror my beliefs about life. That person is Elizabeth Warren. In fact I really wanted her to replace Hillary as the candidate the last time around.  If that had happened we would be in a very different place right now as a country.

I know what some are going to say here.  “But She’s a Liberal!!” I don’t like labels, plain and simple. If by liberal you mean that she thinks that government and business are here to serve the people and not the other way around then you are right.  She strongly believes in “power to the people”. I’m sure I will eventually get around to that idea in another post but for this one I want to concentrate on her view of spiritual things.

Let’s get in a quote from her about that subject:

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” Warren said, quoting the Gospel. Then she shared her interpretation: “He’s saying to us, first, there’s God in every one of us, there’s Jesus in every one of us — however you see it in your religion, that inside there’s something holy in every single person.”

Jesus is calling people to act, Warren continued, “to get up and make a difference. . . . I think that’s the place where we start this conversation.”

Source: Religion is constant part of Elizabeth Warren’s life – The Boston Globe

The words above almost exactly mirror my views on this topic and this wasn’t the first time she spoke of Jesus nor will it be the last.  “There is God in every one of us” sums up the meaning of life for me.

There is so much about Elizabeth Warren that I like. She definitely believes in power to the people with at much furor as many in the GOP believe in power to the wealthiest.

I just hope that when the next president is elected more of us will be paying attention. We can’t afford to go through these times again.