Medicine Is An Unsettled Science..

canstockphoto28789734.jpgI don’t think there is anyone around who thinks we have all the answers when it comes to medicine. There have been and will continue to be major breakthroughs in that field but that doesn’t mean that our current knowledge is not to be believed.

We don’t go to a witchdoctor for our health care needs because medicine is an unsettled science.  So, why do some allow this convoluted logic to drive their beliefs around climate change. They say climate change is an unsettled science so we want to wait for more answers! Yes, there are between 1-3% of scientific paper in the climate change arena that say it is bogus.  But lets remember that scientist in any field love to disagree with each other. That is just the nature of science.

I know the climate change deniers have pretty much made up their minds about this issue and are not open to any discussions. It’s kind of like “Don’t confuse me with the facts” issue now. Looking at life, there is virtually nothing that is 100% certain. canstockphoto30575391 Everything is shades of grey. I love trying to get into the minds of those I have disagreements with but on this issue that seems impossible.  Due to my Aspie characteristics being a very logical person is who I am and seeing logic in the climate change deniers seems impossible.

Some say it is already too late to ameliorate the effects of climate change, it is going to happen now no matter what we do. I don’t know but it still wouldn’t hurt to change our way of thinking about carbon based fuels.



  1. Two things are at work here…1) BIG money…corporate money
    And 2) an unhealthy mix of far right religion, anti science, anti climate change and anti liberalism. These four are almost always combined and lack the ability to think with logic and critical thinking.


    1. Yes Mary I too believe there are elements on your list at play. I might also add plain old stubbornness. But I can’t believe that these folks really want to destroy the world for the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Eventually they will come around but will it then be too late to do anything about it?


  2. Basically many (most?) people don’t give a crap about anything that does not personally impact them right now. Especially if it will cost them $$$ or be the least inconvenient.
    To ask them to care about something that MIGHT happen in 30 years is beyond their capabilities to process.
    The best example other than this is the number of 50 plus people who have virtually nothing saved for their retirement.


    1. I think you are painting with too broad a brush Bob. I am willing to bet that no more than 20% of us have gone into the mode where they think they have been screwed over and are in it totally for themselves. It is kind of like the attitude that all the kids going to college in the 60s were drug addicted hippies. Since that was my period I know for a fact that at least at Purdue 90% of us were just working hard to get an education. But of course the other 10% got all the attention. The news likes to sensationalize their reports. For instance if you look at Houston as a whole only a small percentage of folks who decided to build their homes in floodplains were for the most part affected. But all you see are the Houston flooded streets.

      I also believe that a big majority of folks care about what their kids and grandkids are left with in the world. Many of us baby boomers are leaving sizable fortunes to them so that have it better. I just don’t buy that maternal instinct is dead.


      1. RJ-

        Thanks for the reply. I was not referring to those who think they have been “screwed over” and therefore in it for themselves. I was agreeing with Mary but on a more generic scale. I was considering that from what I have experienced that things, like climate change, that do not have a personal and relatively immediate impact to their lives people just find that “not believing” is a way to ignore having to confront the issue. Climate change is just one issue there are many more. It is like “fixing” education. We really do know what to do. It is expensive and changes will be inconvenient and there is no guarantee of 100% success. They also seem to deem something successful only if it solves the whole problem. Oh, and by next year. So they use excuses like “Well it does not solve enough (all) of the problem” or “it just takes too long to work”. So it is just dismissed by believing it will not work.

        I also don’t think maternal instinct is “dead” but I think it has become very personal (my kids only) and then only if it is not inconvenient for me. I’m sure some BB are saving money for their kids/grandkids but I’m willing to bet they are not doing it if it requires their living a life of poverty to do it. That would be inconvenient.

        Please don’t misunderstand. I really do like people – some of my best friends are people. I have just learned over 70 years of living to maintain low expectations – that way I’m always pleasantly surprised when people don’t meet them.


  3. This is entirely off subject, but I didn’t know where else to post this that at least two people will see it. I watched a documentary on Netflix last night that was astounding…The Good American…true story about a computer program call Thin Thread developed at the NSA before 9-11, that was squelched by the govt, that possibly could have prevented 9-11. The history goes back to the VietNam war era and forward….very interesting show and not complimentary to the govt. Google it or check it out on Netflix…I think you would both find it interesting if nothing else.


    1. Thanks for the tag Mary, I will look it up. Missed opportunities is nothing new for government or business. I worked at Bell Labs through most of the employment. They invented the cellular network but didn’t see much use for it so let it drop. Looking back that was a gigantic mistake..


    2. Thanks Mary I will check it out. Like RJ I was in high school/college during Vietnam (He was at Purdue and I was in Angola Indiana at the same time) so I decided to watch the Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary. After the first 2 episodes I had to force myself to watch the rest (I did miss a couple) . I’m not sure I’m up for another update on just how much our government really screws us around.


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