I Think It’s Time For A Divorce..

canstockphoto2610264.jpgcrayon-banner  I imagine the title at got a few of you to click it.  No, although I have sometimes thought about it, it is not about me divorcing my wife of 32 years. I kinda think it is time to start thinking about a divorce between Red and Blue America for irreconcilable differences. I am just not sure if we’ll ever listen to each other anymore let alone come to any agreement on compromise. Our flag is becoming too tattered to even recognize anymore. Its time for a change.

It’s time to start getting ready to go our separate ways and that is what this series of posts is all about. Before I get to a how we do this let’s talk a little about how we got here:

Red America’s solution to everything seems to be to take us back to the States. We tried that solution over two hundred years ago. It was called “The Confederation of American States” where each state was actually almost a separate country with their own laws and regulations. The early founders discovered that type of rule totally unworkable. Red America’ mantra is survival of the fittest. They believe those who accumulate wealth have no more responsibility toward society than those who have nothing.  These  Red America beliefs are very foreign to those in Blue America.

Blue America desperately want healthcare for all, much the same as the rest of the 1st world countries. They think that government, yes even the federal government, is to do the people’s business.  It is to make sure that we all have the same opportunities in life. To do that educational opportunities must be available to all. They think that  we are all in this together and each shares responsibility for the other. Blue America is definitely a brother’s keeper place. The Blue America beliefs contain WAY too much empathy for Red America.

I think we can point to one particular point in history where the abyss between Red and Blue America started and that is in the early 1980s. It is when Ronald Reagan flatly said that government is not a solution to our problems but instead the main reason for them. That started the ultra conservative fringe in America and has increased dramatically since then. Now the abyss in almost bottomless. No one seems to be able to see across it anymore.

Flash forward to today where we have a president that no one could even imagine thirty years ago. He is the epitome of “self-centered”. Nothing matters to him if it doesn’t directly benefit him.  He viciously trashes anyone who dares to criticize anything he says or does.  It seems that RedAmerica loves this guy while Blue America despises him.

It’s time for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.  Next time I will start giving you  my solution to a successful divorce between Red America and Blue America.

If you feel like getting into this swamp water, post a comment…

4 thoughts on “I Think It’s Time For A Divorce..

  • Red America loves him, not Blue. I think you transposed it in your last paragraph.
    I agree totally and wish there was a way this could happen.
    You forgot to mention that Red America is also anti science, anti any religion except Christianity, anti gay, anti women’s choice, anti climate change, anti sane gun laws, anti big business paying their fair share of taxes, anti healthcare for all and I could go on.


    • Oh how could I have made that mistake!!!! I have been on one of my “In Search Of America” trips for the last few days and didn’t see your correction until now. I hope no one thinks I am a “red” guy??? Yeah there are a lot of things that Red America is against. Trying to find things they are for is the difficult part. Wait for tomorrows post to see the first part of my solution.

      I just left eastern Tennessee this morning on my way home. I stopped at the Andrew Johnson Presidential Library and boy do those folks know how to spin a story. The town has all kinds of things named after him. To them he was just misunderstood!! I’ll have more to say about that in a near future post.


  • I would support WA, OR and CA breaking away. Aren’t you smack in the middle of red country, RJ?

    You’re right…I clicked on your post thinking, oh no, another late-in-life divorce…


    • I go quite a bit further than you do Denise. Look for that tomorrow. I couldn’t get everything in on one more post so this silliness continues on Monday. But like you guys say, it really wouldn’t be a bad thing if it happened, at least in my opinion. Yeah Indiana is about as red as you can get which means I would be seeking a new home in BSA..

      The title was meant to invoke views and looking at the stats it did just that (ha)


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