The Soul of America?

Red America sure is a strange place to me. They wave the flag with such vigor and then go about trying to prevent those who might vote differently than them from having their say. In the 60s it was primarily African Americans who had their attention, now they have expanded way beyond that group. Red America makes no sense to me.

Every gun tragedy that happens in our country causes Red America to pass more laws to make it easier to get guns. If you don’t believe that read this quote.

the five years since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School “have seen one of the most intense bursts of gun legislation in U.S. history.” More than two dozen states have passed new gun laws. And in almost all cases these laws have made it easier to buy or carry guns…

In Republican states, they found, a mass killing “increases the number of enacted laws that loosen gun restrictions by 75 percent.” In Democratic states, mass shootings have no significant effect on laws passed.

Is the soul of America so tainted now with violence, selfishness, aggressiveness, and misguided religious zealots, that it will soon morph into something else? I guess only time will tell. Is our current president now the norm for our society or can we go back to a country that cares for one another and doesn’t see everyone that might disagree with him as an enemy?  Only time will tell I guess…

7 thoughts on “The Soul of America?

  1. I saw a quote partially attributed to Sinclair Lewis “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”.
    Sad indeed and I truly fear the divide has gotten to great. Red and blue mindsets are just to far apart now. Religion should be about bringing all people together, but has become or maybe always was when you look at history, the great divider.


  2. On the guns… I read in an NRA magazine (waiting for an oil change) which made me realize that one reason why “more guns” is so the gun carrier can be a hero. It is not just about self- defense but so they can protect others. The idea is if we have enough guns around some good guy gun carrier will be able to “save the day”. Considering the level of training of most gun owners this is probably going to end up doing more harm than good.

    A hand gun has an effective range of 7-12 feet. Beyond this distance the accuracy of the type of hand gun carried by a person drops dramatically. This accuracy is further impacted even at close range if the shooter is not trained to deal with the adrenalin rush of the high stress situation. Unless the “protector” is literally right next to a shooter and has some pistol training beyond simple target practice the potential for injuring or killing an innocent bystander is very high.

    The idea that more hand guns will provide protection is largely a myth.

    So here is my open letter to a hand gun carrier.

    I respect your right to carry a gun for your personal protection. Unless you are fully trained in dealing with high stress situations and pretty much an expert marksman you not have the right to protect others. I do not give you permission to use your weapon in my defense. Leave it in your holster and, if you must be a hero, please use other means of responding to the attack.

    There are many innocent people who have been killed with guns due to this “hero” mentality. Including the tragedy of accidentally killing your own children, relatives, and friends.


  3. Good thoughts by Bob. As one who qualified with a .45 in the U.S. Army, I can verify his thinking about the inaccuracy of pistols. I someone truly needs a firearm to protect their home, the best choice is a shotgun. You are unlikely to miss, and often when intruders merely hear the click as you cock the weapon they depart quickly before there is any need to fire. And no one really should need to be told that the shotgun should be stored securely. I can’t think of any justification at all for not trained as a law enforcement person to be toting a firearm in public places.


  4. I’ve been away for s short trip to the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend Indiana. Some interesting discussions here. Thanks for carrying on in my absence. 🙂


    1. Believe me Peter, there are many in this country who also think as you do. Me included. We have had some pretty defective presidents in our history but none like this guy. I just pray that his self-loving thin-skinned ego doesn’t start WW III.

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