The Forces That Bind Us Together..

One thing about America is that we have always had some hidden forces that bind us as citizens together. Something that we all agree on that makes us what we are as a country.  Are those forces being torn apart during these time? That is the question for this post.

Total bipartisanship is a myth especially in our country.  From the very beginning we have had a government made up of opposing forces. Adams totally disagreed with Jefferson and what he stood for. But there was something that even these advocates came together in compromise.  There were things that held the fabric of our nation together.

Almost a hundred years after Jefferson and Adams came our Civil War where we killed each other by the millions.  The South was threatened by the almost certain elimination of slavery.  They knew that their way of life would radically change if they were not allowed to own the human beings who did the work for them.   That separation between the North and the South is still there in one respect or another today. Bad feelings on both sides I guess.

We have always had our differences of opinion in the US but the fabric of our nation was never torn beyond repair. Many today think that this tear might just be irrevocable. They see our nation torn between a population who believes in a survival of the fittest mentality and another who think we should all be there for each other in times of need.  Ironically it is so-called Christian Evangelicals who don’t seem to care for anyone but themselves while their opponents take the mantle of “everyone is in this together” or should I say “brother’s keeper” mentality.  Given my knowledge of the teachings of Jesus this  dichotomy totally confounds me.

Those of us who are in the opposite camp of our current president started out being shocked by his actions. But since those actions occur almost daily now that shock has  changed to just alarm. Many see the end our our country as it has been and maybe even the end of civilization in the coming years.  I personally try to take a more historical perspective on these times and imagine like the past we will get through them to see a brighter horizon.

It is certainly the right of our citizens to elect bad presidents, even very bad ones. That is what a democracy is all about. But if the social fabric of our country is severely torn  as a result then our very existence is threatened. But just because we have been to the edge and back a few times doesn’t guarantee the same result this time around.