Capitalism Is Proving Unpopular Among Those With No Capital..

I ran across the title of this post in an article by Fraser Nelson of The Daily Telegraph which is a popular British newspaper. It basically talks about how the Brits are now leaning to the left despite the relative win of the rad-cons in the recent election. This leftward trend is evidently being pushed by the young voters in the country. I kinda think … Continue reading Capitalism Is Proving Unpopular Among Those With No Capital..

Live and Let Live…

The words in the title above have been around for probably eons, but I kinda think they have been forgotten in today’s world. It seems that everyone wants everyone else to live their life as they do. Christians can’t tolerate non-Christians, Muslims think they need to kill anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. And then there is the RedAmerica vs BlueAmerica, that divide is becoming … Continue reading Live and Let Live…

You Have My Permission To Kiss Me..

This is an extremely hot topic that I want to pursue delicately if I can.  It just seems like the words “Sexual Harassment” has come to mean something quite different than I had imagined.  Having had limited opposite-sex contact even in my youth,  and my Aspie characteristics even then limited my experiences in this area. To be honest, whenever I had even a casual contact with … Continue reading You Have My Permission To Kiss Me..

Till Death Do Us Part… Aspie Style..

It used to be that your word was your reputation. If you break your word you suffer the consequences.  But for the words in the title above, the majority of us break our word. Oh, we have all the intentions of honoring them when we say them but then things change for whatever reason. I think my Aspie characteristics play a part in my response … Continue reading Till Death Do Us Part… Aspie Style..

Killing Religion With Your Political Cause..

I don’t know why the 1973 song “Killing me softly ”  by Roberta Flack got stuck in my head recently. Maybe it has something with my brain bleed of eight months ago but that is pretty much a stretch. 🙂  But those verses put the foundation together for this post.  If you want to see the lyrics click here. Now on to the purpose of this … Continue reading Killing Religion With Your Political Cause..

The Republican tax plan is fiscal heroin

I think that at one time or another almost all of us have faced an addiction. For me, it was cigarettes and coffee.  I couldn’t get through an hour, let alone a day without my fix. Thank heavens I finally shed those addictions more than 30 years ago. But still once in a while, my brain still wants a fix. That is kind of like what … Continue reading The Republican tax plan is fiscal heroin

Permanent Tax Cuts For The Rich, Temporary Cuts For The Rest Of Us..

Don’t be fooled by all the GOP rhetoric about their proposed tax plan. Study its effect on you before jumping on board. And even more importantly look at what effect it will have on your children.  Of course, we also have to understand that the GOP is primarily a party that gives the most to their rich donors. They are the ones who will primarily … Continue reading Permanent Tax Cuts For The Rich, Temporary Cuts For The Rest Of Us..

It’s Hard Looking Beyond Self Preservation Nowadays..

The political news just gets raunchier and raunchier now that we have a “liar-in-chief” in the Oval Office. The president used to be an image that we could give our children for their inspirations. Now we need to shield them from the current occupant’s disrespectful rantings and constant lies.  My tolerance for these intolerable defects continues to erode as each day passes. I used to … Continue reading It’s Hard Looking Beyond Self Preservation Nowadays..

About Atonement..

One of the current foundations of the Christianity is the atonement. Generally that is thought to be Jesus taking the wrath of God for us with his substitutional crucifixion in order to appease God wrath toward man’s sinfulness.  I, like many others I’m sure, thought that atonement was a foundational issue with Jesus and the early church.  In reality it was post-Constantine theologians who gave … Continue reading About Atonement..

Small Town America

My InSearchOfAmerica project takes me through literally thousands of small towns that once had a population a few hundred or less, and the vast majority of them are basically hollow shells of what they once were.  We have to face the fact that “small town America” is a thing of the past. It was a 20th century phenomenon that simply outlived its time. When most … Continue reading Small Town America

Your Vote Counts, But…

I am an ultra-advocate to the rights and privileges of voting.  If you don’t vote then you should have no say in what your representatives do in Washington.  Sadly, we are one of the lowest participatory democracies in the world.  Less than half of those eligible to vote in any election usually choose to do so.  When that happens we allow a small minority to … Continue reading Your Vote Counts, But…

Madison Indiana

In Search Of America — My InSearchOfAmerica has taken me to Madison Indiana on several occasions.  The most recent trip was in August of 2016 when I snapped the following gallery of pictures.  With so many small towns  that are dead or dying  it is nice to see some flourishing. Madison Indiana is on the Ohio River and once gained its livelihood from barge traffic. … Continue reading Madison Indiana

China And The US.. A Perfect Storm..

To get started, let’s look at how Wikipedia  defines “a perfect storm”: A “perfect storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically. I think the idea of a perfect storm is where we likely are in world events today.  China is aching to take over as “the” world leader while at the same time … Continue reading China And The US.. A Perfect Storm..

A Centrist Position??

Let’s get a political post in today without talking about the Oval Office occupant.  It was interesting to see the two Republican Senators who gave an impassioned speeches about these current times.  Their words reminded me of the McCarthy years in the 1950s.  I was just beginning to get my political legs then so couldn’t understand the obvious witch hunt that was going on by … Continue reading A Centrist Position??

Henry Clay Historic Site… Sigh…

  I have always admired Henry Clay for being a statesmen during some tumultuous times in America and was looking forward to visiting his home during my last micro-RV trip through Kentucky and Tennessee. I don’t like giving negative reports here on RJsCorner especially when it come to important historical site but this one deserves it. I got there at 1:05pm to tour the home … Continue reading Henry Clay Historic Site… Sigh…