Turn, Turn, Turn

I’m pretty sure most of my viewers are older folks who might remember the song written by one of my folk song heroes Pete Seegar in the late 1950s.  Much of the lyrics came directly from Ecclesiastes and goes something like this:

7f77e34624fc4d8041962c660d8f20cb.pngTo everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

All of this is interesting but it is not really at the core of this post. 🙂 Instead, this post is about cycles in just about everything in life from politics to business ventures to love and life.  Everything cycles.

Economic cycles go something like this.  When people cut down on the amount of red meat they eat, suddenly there are too many cows for the demand and profits fall. This makes many get out of that business. When too many leave the marketplace demand outstrips supply.  Turn Turn Turn.

Let’s go to entertainment for another example. When a particular TV show becomes popular there are often imitators soon to follow. It is much easier to copy a successful show than to invent something different. In the 50s and 60s, it was westerns, in the 70s and 80s it was T&A. Thank heavens the “reality TV” cycle is almost over now.  Turn Turn Turn.

How about government. In the 1950s and before the southern States were almost totally Democrat but when civil rights boomed upon the scene the south quickly turned Republican. The GOP used to be the party of fiscal constraint and deficit hawks but then they got total power and have abandoned that principle in favor of more wealth for themselves and their donors with the debt going to future generations.  Democrats used to be the “people’s party” but then somehow they changed into something else.  Turn Turn Turn.

2017-12-03_14-37-31.pngSometime in the  1980s, the Republicans decided “trickle down” was the solution to all our economic problems.  Just give enough money to corporations and the top 1% of the population and it would eventually trickle down to a little more pay for the rest of us.  In light of the fact that it never happened with Reagan’s tax cuts, trickle-down lost favor but here it is again with the same fury that it had 40 years ago.  Will the middle class get some scraps off the table this time? It’s hard to say but my guess is it will result in the same thing as the last time. The rich will simply get richer. Turn Turn Turn.

Our world goes in cycles, sometimes it is progressive and sometimes it is populist.  Sometimes we have prosperity for all and sometimes the rich selfishly rake in all the gains. Turn Turn Turn.


3 thoughts on “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. And a time for every purpose under heaven.

    The circle of life is really a gentle spiral, that allows for progress – whereas, a closed circle doesn’t.
    With hindsight’s intelligence turn, turn, turn.
    We’re going back to the future says Heaven to COGNOMEN.
    I feel like saying – COG-no-men as COG-knows-men.


  2. GENOMES: – The spiral stairway & our DNA ladder leads us to HEAVEN through our common or garden Gnomes, GENOMES, Gene-names.

    The Norse GODS came first. Their Greek-era genes spiraled out of control through sexually transmitted Germ-madness. The cause & effect is seen today. GOD ALMIGHTY LOVES them too.

    Like Neale Donald Walsch I too have conversations with GOD.

    There are brief explanations about anomalies in my post, ‘A Modern-day Sibyl on Life-Sciences’ Revelations’, which includes burlesque Eye candy models.


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