Why Are We Here? We Are Here Because…

Some say that all religions are the result of mankind asking “Why are we here?” Everyone eventually comes to that question and various answers have resulted in what we now call “religion”.

I have let it be freely known here that I am a follower of Jesus Christ but don’t call myself a Christian anymore, and particularly not an Evangelical! That word has been totally destroyed by the political nature of the ones who kidnapped it.

When Jesus was asked to sum up why we are here he gave us two commands: To love each other and to love God.  To that end, the quote below perfectly sums up why we are here:

2017-12-09_09-46-39.pngWe are here because Jesus taught us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” We are here because we take the parable of the Good Samaritan to heart. We are here because we refuse to allow Christianity to be co-opted by the likes of people who support abuse of women, the closing of our nation to the immigrant in need and the normalizing of lie after lie after lie.

Finally, we are here because we believe our nation yearns to hear from us this day… 

Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey —  Associate Dean at Boston University School of Theology

There is not a sentence in the quote above that I don’t wholeheartedly agree with.  I am a man of principles and this is one of the primary ones. “Love each other”. That means my brothers don’t have to worry if they have enough money to go to a doctor when they are sick.  It means that no child in the world, let alone this country, should go to bed hungry each night.  It means we are good samaritans, we help each other out.

I know my Evangelical friends, if I have any now, say that these things are the church’s job, not the government’s. It is documented that yes the church meets about 3% of the total need. But what about the other 97%? Do they have to wait for churches to eventually get to them?  I am a believer that government exists to the people’s business and since the church won’t take care of those in need, and in reality can’t meet the demand then we have to do collectively through our government.

As the quote above insinuates, perhaps the most damaging part of the “Evangelical” movement is normalizing of lie after lie, after lie.  The current Oval Office occupant continues daily to push them daily further down into the ditch. When, if ever will they finally say enough is enough and come back to the words of Jesus? Their current mantra is that “a pedophile is better than a Democrat!”  How much further down the rabbit’s hole will they allow themselves to go?


5 thoughts on “Why Are We Here? We Are Here Because…

  1. Excellent post and so very true. The Evangelicals are more obsessed with abortion, gay marriage and the earth being 6000 years old than following Jesus’s way, whether he was God or not. Not to mention racism, selling off our beautiful lands for corporate profit, disrespecting ethnic minorities including Native Americans and I could go on. If Jesus came to earth today, he’d probably be a liberal and certainly not a Trump follower. He would feel betrayed. And they’d say he was fake…like fake news. It’s a real shame what I see happening in this country.


  2. As you might have already gathered by the recent replies that I’ve made on some of your other posts – I have a lot to say about what I’ve learnt.
    Having a blog has allowed me to express it all.

    I love your Beautiful SPIRIT.

    You’ve nothing to fear from me. I’m 74 going on 75 yrs of age. I’ve been married for 51 going on 52 yrs. We have 2 children & 7 grandchildren.
    I am not Religious, Academic, a Bigot or an Atheist. Phenomenon happened to me when I was 60.

    Now that I know who & what I am I would call myself ‘A Norse Christian, Interfaith discerning Gentile’ thanks to the SPIRIT of Father CHRIST-MASS’S GIFTS of LOVE through HIS Christmass-Trees born again CHILDREN/Spirits/Kin. XXX


    1. Thanks for the info Sibyl. It sounds like we have quite a bit in common and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the future. I don’t reply to every comment, just the ones where I can add some additional value but I enjoy reading every one I get.


      1. Thank you for acknowledging my comment.
        I too value everyone I get.

        The number of comments I sent you in such a short space of time was due to the fact that I felt the need to make myself & my messages crystal clear.
        I was worried that I was giving the wrong impression, and sounding insane, so clarification seemed important.

        Written in all sincerity – Thank you RJ


  3. Helping the “widows & orphans” has become “help the pastor build an extension & buy a private jet”. That’s why the money isn’t flowing to those in real need.


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