The Year Ahead..

2017-12-24_11-15-19.pngEven though I am not going to do any new resolutions this year other than to just survive I wanted to give you some high-level predictions on what I see for the coming year.

For the most part, I am trying to be as optimistic as I can in the coming year. Given our current political circumstances that will prove a difficult task.  In the coming year, I will try to recognize the good stuff happening wherever it is. Here are some of the things I see for in the coming year:

As in recent years, I expect that we will see some very significant advances in the medical field.  The genome project started much of the leapfrog advances we have seen in recent years and will continue in 2018. One day, maybe even next year we will finally discover that “basic” thing about cancer and how to defeat it.  In my very early years, polio was thought to be a scourge that was impossible to control but now a simple injection is all it takes to eliminate it from your life.

Self-driving cars will finally be available at the commercial level. Yeah, they will be expensive but like most technological advances will quickly drop in costs. Of course, this will eventually mean a dramatic drop in highway deaths and injuries. Fifty years from now a car that must be controlled by the user will be virtually unknown, and probably not even allowed on our roadways or skyways, whichever it turns out to be.

Battery technology will begin another massive leap in sustainability. Lithium-ion is the current state-of-art, but another combination will be discovered that will quickly replace this technology.  Eventually, Edison’s DC electricity will finally win out over Telsa’s AC, as power will homegrown and no longer have to be transmitted long distances.

Despite the backward trend in our nation’s capital, solar and wind energy will continue to make dramatic advances and drops in costs. Eventually, this will eliminate the need for our massive electrical infrastructure as most homes and business will be self-contained as far as their energy needs are concerned. 

On a longer-term basis:

Civility will return as the only acceptable way of dealing with each other.  A person, no matter his power, will not be able to say untruths without being called out.  This will probably take more than a year to get started but like sexual harassment, it may just turn on a dime and once again be the norm.  Who knows?

We will finally have a federal government that is answerable only to the people who they represent.  Allegiance to political parties will no longer have a stranglehold on so much of our world. Now I admit that this last one will likely take more than a year or even a decade to being accomplished. But you never know. It just depends on when people finally recognizing the power that they have to make this change. We can only hope that it is accomplished sooner rather than later.

I know this is a rather ambitious list of accomplishments but they can happen… maybe not in a year but they will eventually happen. We simply can’t afford for them not to.