A Principled GOP Senator… And a Corrupt System

Sadly, it seems the only way a politician can show his principles and criticize their own party is when they are heading out the door. That certainly is the case with Senator Flake of Arizona. As long as you are dependent on the current corrupt system to get elected you have to keep your mouth shut and just take the money. “No longer can we turn … Continue reading A Principled GOP Senator… And a Corrupt System

I Am Always Trying To Figure Out The New Evangelicals…

One of the things that totally baffles me is how people who now say they are Evangelicals but vote in almost direct opposition to those established beliefs.  I hate to use the words but due to their hero the only words that come to mind is that they are “FAKE EVANGELICALS”!! It’s a good time to try to sort out how Protestants who voted for … Continue reading I Am Always Trying To Figure Out The New Evangelicals…

A Free Ride vs. Earning Your Way

This post has been sitting in my “draft” box for quite some time because I just don’t seem to see it as complete. I don’t want to insult people who think differently on this subject but I want to get my point across as to the potential harm being privileged might cause. Complete or not its time has come to move it to a daily … Continue reading A Free Ride vs. Earning Your Way

In Search Of The Original America

One of the primary threads here at RJsCorner is my InSearchOfAmerica posts. That is where I travel around this great country to find stories and take pictures.  The majority of this search has been about our early days as a nation. I recently realized that I am omitting a large part of this search for America’s roots.  It actually occurred centuries before the European conquest of America. … Continue reading In Search Of The Original America

We The People…

Political allegiance is proving to be the scourge of our times.  Too many people, including our elected representatives, have placed their allegiance to their party above everything else.  That is a dangerous place for a democracy to be. At the very least, don’t the members of the House and Senate, who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, have an obligation to rebuke … Continue reading We The People…

The Kingdom Of God… And Leo Tolstoy

I seem to be getting a bit of flack lately about my spiritual beliefs that run counter to most of the churches today. To help understand where I come from I am bringing back some quotes from Leo Tolstoy I used in 2012. They pretty much tell my story: From: The Kingdom of God is Within You by Leo Tolstoy  1894  But Christ could not … Continue reading The Kingdom Of God… And Leo Tolstoy

I Am Stubbornly Determined…

The only way to keep your sanity in today’s political world is to keep away from it. The Oval Office occupant continues to show his vulgar racist side and daily proof that he is a very flawed individual. Congress continues to show us that the two existing governing parties hate each other and will never compromise on anything that makes the other look good. Trying … Continue reading I Am Stubbornly Determined…

The “10%” Parties…

The Democrats have become a party of 10% I don’t criticize the Democrats nearly as often as the Republicans but in some ways they deserve criticism even more in that they claim to be something but their actions prove to be opposite. If you look at the Democratic party in the last decade you would be hard pressed to convince yourself that they are the working man’s … Continue reading The “10%” Parties…

I’m An Air Force Pilot..

I want to make it clear up front that I personally am not an Air Force Pilot. 🙂  I heard this simple phrase on a show I was watching a few minutes ago and realized that that description will come to mean something very different in the next few years. The technology involved in our warplanes has simply outgrown the human interface sitting in them.  … Continue reading I’m An Air Force Pilot..

Politics As A Cure for Spiritual and Social Loneliness?

Most of us can probably cite at least a couple of reasons for the conditions we find ourselves in today. Some blame the Internet, some religious exclusivity, or maybe religious politicization. Others say it is just plain self-centeredness. I don’t suspect that many put loneliness as part of the mix but maybe it is deeper than we realize. When politics is used as a cure … Continue reading Politics As A Cure for Spiritual and Social Loneliness?

The Church Is Not a Democracy….

We in the U.S. know that one of the primary foundations of our democracy is freedom of speech. That is being able to say something different from our leaders and not suffer serious consequences. In my opinion, this is what has allowed our country to remain so strong over the centuries. Many times criticisms lead to change and though we might not realize it at … Continue reading The Church Is Not a Democracy….

The Trump Administration to Restaurants: Take the Tips!

This post is something you will never hear on Fox News as it would likely disturb his base. Most Americans assume that when they leave a tip for waiters and bartenders, those workers pocket the money. That could become wishful thinking under a Trump administration proposal that would give restaurants and other businesses complete control over the tips earned by their employees… Not to worry, says the … Continue reading The Trump Administration to Restaurants: Take the Tips!

Fed up with Democrats and Republicans?

The stampede is starting?  Do you hear it? There are more and more daily saying “Enough is enough”.  Yet another poll shows that we all, no matter what political real estate we hold on to, are getting fed up with partisan gridlock. new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California says 59 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of independents — and, overall, 64 percent of likely voters — agreed with the statement that Americas two main parties “do such a … Continue reading Fed up with Democrats and Republicans?

Appalacian Folk Art

When I visited the Museum of Appalachia in Norris Tennessee this last fall I was totally unprepared for the fullness of the experience. I came away with a much-expanded understanding of what it might have been like to live in such an isolated area. The way the museum personalized every display which made me almost think that I knew the people themselves who made the … Continue reading Appalacian Folk Art

Our Shrinking Voice…

One of the sad things about the current US leadership is that much of the world seems to be looking elsewhere for its moral and ethical purpose and why shouldn’t it when most of our citizens are doing the same thing. One of the prime things that the Oval Office occupant wants to do, besides undoing EVERYTHING his predecessor accomplished, is to keep “foreigners” from … Continue reading Our Shrinking Voice…

Another 10 Lies From a Trump Interview

To me, the most disgraceful thing about the current Oval Office occupant is his constant lying and exaggerations.  I’m not sure how much of it is just plain ignorance, but even ignorance is no excuse. From the quote below he managed to rattle off ten lies in less than 10 minutes. Maybe that is a record but I kind of doubt it. I wonder what the total lie … Continue reading Another 10 Lies From a Trump Interview

Was 2017 the Craziest Year in U.S. Political History?

Here we are starting out another new year. I’m just happy we survived 2017 without too much permanent damage or at least damage we can’t undo when sanity finally returns. I’m sure you are like me in thinking that the current Oval Office occupant is the worst in our nation’s history.  But maybe he isn’t, at least quite yet.  I choose two years from the … Continue reading Was 2017 the Craziest Year in U.S. Political History?