Fed up with Democrats and Republicans?

The stampede is starting?  Do you hear it? There are more and more daily saying “Enough is enough”.  Yet another poll shows that we all, no matter what political real estate we hold on to, are getting fed up with partisan gridlock.

new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California says 59 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of independents — and, overall, 64 percent of likely voters — agreed with the statement that Americas two main parties “do such a poor job that a third major party is needed.”

Source: Fed up with Democrats and Republicans? Heres a third option. – Chicago Tribune

I just don’t know if the current two political parties will ever be able to get along again. There is so much spite and incivility being tossed back and forth across the aisle, too much baggage to let loose of. It’s more like the Hatfields and the McCoys now. It seems the only answer is to look elsewhere for those who will look out for us in the political world.

2018-01-05_08-43-41.pngI have discovered that there is an option brewing and is gaining steam on a daily basis.  It used to be called the “Centrist Project” but now is morphing into “Unite America”. If you are one of those who is looking for an alternative you might want to consider them. Will their coming to power happen overnight? It will likely take some time but then again the current Republican party was formed and won the Oval Office within five years so it might just happen sooner than you think especially in today’s accelerated world.  But it will take a groundswell to happen and that means many of us have to get on board.

Sometimes political parties simply outlive their usefulness. Sometimes they morph into something completely different from their roots.  I can see both of those reasons in both political parties today. Which one will go by the wayside along with the Whigs and Do-Nothings is hard to predict but I kinda think it will be the one that allowed the hijacking of their party to happen and then foolishly jumped on board with the idiot who stole their party away from them in the first place. That very scenario seems insane and those are folks who I have lost all confidence in. They have shown me time and again that for them it is politics over principles. Citizens be damned…

If you are like me and fed up with politicians the way they are now, then click on the Unite America logo above to learn more about this emerging organization. Better yet, send them a donation to help them get started.  I already have…

3 thoughts on “Fed up with Democrats and Republicans?

  1. I am not from the States but obviously everyone on the world is affected when they cough so current events in Washington and the antics of the man with an unusual hairdo become of obsessive interest. One way or another the world will move on, I’m sure, but as of now, I’ve no idea how that will be achieved. Thank you for making me think 🙂


  2. Since Independents in Congress usually (or always?) caucus with one or the other of the two parties, it seems that it sort of defeats the purpose of being an independent. I need to educate myself on this. I wonder what these new Centrists will do. If they caucus with neither, do they lose the ability to influence legislation as it is initially hammered out. Or can they influence it even more as both parties will need to work for their votes in the end. I like the idea — I’m just letting it mentally percolate. Anything is better than what we have.


    1. There is already talk about forming a middle caucus of moderates. I think the independents will be more powerful because as you say both sides will have to get them in order to form a majority. I am probably further down the percolate road than you but like you say, anything is better than what we have now. Thanks for the thoughts Judy.


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