The Trump Administration to Restaurants: Take the Tips!

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This post is something you will never hear on Fox News as it would likely disturb his base.

2017-12-23_08-31-47Most Americans assume that when they leave a tip for waiters and bartenders, those workers pocket the money. That could become wishful thinking under a Trump administration proposal that would give restaurants and other businesses complete control over the tips earned by their employees…

Not to worry, says the Labor Department, which argues, oddly and unconvincingly, that workers will be better off no matter how owners spend the money. Enlarging dining rooms, reducing menu prices or offering paid time off should be seen as “potential benefits to employees and the economy over all.” …

The Trump administration appears to be rushing this rule through — it has offered the public just 30 days to comment on it

Source:  The Trump Administration to Restaurants: Take the Tips! – The New York Times

I am going to have to stay up on the progress of this new Trump law.  When it passes I will start giving my tip in cash instead of putting them on a credit card along with the bill. Stick it to the working stiff seems to be the mantra of the ruling party once again.  When will all those who put them in office finally learn??