Still Committed To Each Other… But…

I want to start out this post with something I said here at RJsCorner about seven years ago: I must admit that I am probably more adventurous than many seniors.¬† I enjoy constant stimulation. I enjoy planning and doing things that I have never done before. To sit around the house day after day is very boring to me. My senior years certainly give me … Continue reading Still Committed To Each Other… But…


The TV show American Pickers is¬†basically about obsessions.¬† Most of the episodes are about a couple of Le Claire Iowa men going to “pick” people’s collections.¬† Many have thousands of square feet of barns, outbuildings, and old¬†houses stuffed¬†with things they have purchased throughout their lives. They dig things out from massive piles and ask if it is for sale? More often than not the answer … Continue reading Collections/Obsessions

And Then There Is The Son…

Simply stated, I don’t believe in aristocracy. I don’t believe that knowledge or wisdom is necessarily inherited. So, when one generation wants to pass massive wealth or power to the next generation I bristle. The example below is one of the tragic consequences of this practice. While evangelical leader Franklin Graham has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, his father Rev. Billy Graham … Continue reading And Then There Is The Son…

Christian Nationalism

Sadly, one of the things I believe the church has become very good at is to take some particular¬†words from the bible and twist them around to more conform to their¬†way of thinking. That is what today’s post is going to be about. Sometimes small alterations make a great deal of difference. For instance, we have about 90 percent of the same genes as cats … Continue reading Christian Nationalism

Manifest Destiny…

Being a US history buff I know the words “Manifest Destiny” became the siren call for an invasion of America. When I was in high school the term was proudly used to say it was inevitable that the US would become the great nation it is. Let’s look at what Wikipedia says about manifest destiny: In the 19th¬†century,¬†manifest destiny¬†was a widely held belief in the¬†United … Continue reading Manifest Destiny…

About Grammarly

I don’t know how many of you have discovered an app called Grammarly. It basically is a tool that resides in the background¬†and watches everything you type. If you misspell¬†a word or don’t have quite the correct punctuation it quickly turns red and if you hover over those reddened words possible corrections are presented to you. Here is how my friends at Wikipedia describe this … Continue reading About Grammarly

A Touch of Austism…

I have previously discovered¬†that¬†I have some characteristics that are identified with Asperger’s Syndrome which is part of the Autism spectrum. As a result, I have been more deeply studying¬†the topic. I don’t call myself an Aspie as¬†I have not¬†been formally¬†diagnosed¬†with¬†that condition but, I am¬†certain¬† I have common traits with it. I have recently discovered that¬†there is¬†a LOT of¬†variation¬†in what¬†people¬†say is the definition of autism. Here¬†is¬†a … Continue reading A Touch of Austism…

The Trouble with Lies…

Being unable to read is illiteracy. That is tragic but something even worse is being able to read but choosing not to.¬† Of course, you know who I am talking about. We have never had a president in our history who was proudly illiterate until now.¬† He claims he is a genius and graduated first in his class at Wharton College.¬† A reporter recently found … Continue reading The Trouble with Lies…

Heinz Museum – Pittsburgh

For this artsy Saturday, I thought I would give you a pretty unique view of the Heinz Museum in Pittsburgh PA.¬† The museum is in an old factory building. The picture here is looking down an open staircase. Of course, the museum includes the history of Heinz Catsup and such but there is also much more there for your enjoyment.¬† I find this picture fascinating … Continue reading Heinz Museum – Pittsburgh

Crossing of the Delaware

One of the first things that most school children are taught about American history is Washington’s crossing of the Deleware River.¬† Since it happened in the dark of night the day after Christmas in 1776 it was a rather dramatic event.¬† It was also an important victory for the fledgling American army who had suffered mostly defeats up till then. If you are ever near … Continue reading Crossing of the Delaware

Being Prepared…

Even though I was never a Boy Scout, I am a person¬†who tries to be¬†prepared for¬†the challenges¬†I will be facing. If¬†I want¬†to¬†discuss a controversial¬†topic¬†I try to¬†study¬†both sides to see where my feelings¬†might reside. “Think For¬†Yourself” is one of my primary mantras¬†in my life. I simply¬†don’t let others¬†tell me what to think. But then again, maybe that is one of the reasons I was never a … Continue reading Being Prepared…

One Good Thing About the Trump Presidency

As usual, I have been in a reflective mood this time of year.¬† I am trying to see if any good has come from the current presidency. What I am currently latching onto is that now that there is a self-proclaimed, and seemingly proudly so, the sexual abuser in the White House that topic has finally moved to the forefront. Of course, it has a … Continue reading One Good Thing About the Trump Presidency

On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park in southern Indiana is one of my favorites. The campgrounds are well laid out and maintained and the hiking trails are manageable for this senior.  And of course, the park is a mecca for photographers. As is my custom on my micro-RV trips I had breakfast at the inn after a night in the campgrounds. Being close to Madison Indiana, the campground makes … Continue reading On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park

Us vs Them.. How Did We Get Here; How Do We Get Out??

In lieu of¬†talking about the¬†current political scene, I am going to try to make the logo above one of the central¬†topics here at RJsCorner for the coming months. I know I frequently announce these types of projects and then don’t carry them through, but this one is kind of like an epiphany for me. I don’t think there is going to be one way to … Continue reading Us vs Them.. How Did We Get Here; How Do We Get Out??

Our Own Version….

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (AP) ‚ÄĒ A snake-handling pastor who appeared on the National Geographic television reality show ‚ÄúSnake Salvation‚ÄĚ has died after being bitten by a snake during a weekend church service in Kentucky. SOURCE:¬†Snake-handling Ky. pastor dies from snake bite ‚Äď Yahoo News. While this is maybe of the extreme part of the spectrum it is still a typical example of how we pick and … Continue reading Our Own Version‚Ķ.

Mutual Toleration

Mutual toleration is a term that I didn’t know existed but it does almost perfectly describe the current political problems. President Trump hasn‚Äôt destroyed the republic. This should not surprise us. Our democratic institutions are strong. And Mr. Trump, despite his reckless attacks on democratic norms, is a weak and inept leader. But that doesn‚Äôt mean democracy is safe. The problems we face run deeper … Continue reading Mutual Toleration

What Happens When You Don’t Do Your Homework?

I suspect there has not been a kid alive that didn’t have to be forced to do his grade school¬†homework. In my day parental threats were used to accomplish that task, today enticements most often are likely used. Here is my list of the consequences of not doing your homework: When you don’t do your homework you make terribly uninformed decisions. – When you don’t … Continue reading What Happens When You Don’t Do Your Homework?

Evangelical Christians Fear Knowledge

I am beginning to think that the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” is a very appropriate condition in trying to keep informed in the political world today.¬† There is just so much phoniness and lies floating around that world now as to make it uninhabitable. But in most areas of life knowing more about a topic results in better-informed decisions and lifestyles. Being proudly ignorant is … Continue reading Evangelical Christians Fear Knowledge


There is just something about small-town facades that fascinates me. It is probably because¬†of the symmetry¬†and patterns.¬† I am currently working on a photo collection that will soon be available in the “Photo Collections” pages in the header above.¬† This one was taken recently in Rockville Indiana. One thing unusual about this photo is that none of the windows above the store are boarded or … Continue reading Facades

Future GOP Celebrations of the Trump Presidency??

Will a day come in the future that the GOP will actually celebrate the years of the Trump presidency? That seems to be an extremely unlikely scenario but I can see how it could happen.¬† The reason I say that is because the Democrats celebrate what they call one of their party’s best presidents when I think he was anything but that.¬† To me, this … Continue reading Future GOP Celebrations of the Trump Presidency??