Not Thick in Numbers…


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Americans are at odds with one another. Pundits and news outlets have made that resoundingly clear, but the vocal far right and far left are not as thick in numbers as they would like us to believe. It is a disparity in the way we visit the polls that is allowing extremist views to occupy the media spotlight. That and the desire to win the battle for ratings. 

Relative to the more removed issues we are failing to solve because of partisan politics, uniting behind a new idea shouldn’t be that difficult. The Democratic and Republican parties have changed so much in the last 12 years that there are more than enough informed people who feel alienated to form a viable third party.

Source: Could 2018 be the Year for Independent Candidates? – Centrist Project

2018-02-24_15-04-53.pngIf you have been around RJsCorner for even a little while I think you know that I truly believe that we as a nation are ready for an alternative to both of our current political parties. I think the tipping point for a successful third party is at hand. We need to bring another actor on the playground to force the current ones to play nice and if they don’t learn that lesson then force them to go back where they came from. Some say if you vote independent you are basically throwing your vote away. While that may have been true in the past I think its time has come.  Both political parties are now ruled by their extreme edges and as the source above says the numbers on those fringes are not as thick as they would have us believe. 

On a separate but related note, I also think that many of us might soon be ready to start abandoning the biased 24/7 cable news channels. It seems all they do is incite riots so to speak as that is what helps their ratings.  I have done a self-imposed intervention of sorts and have pledged to cut the cable so to speak. When you finally come to realize that cable news, like much else in our society, is primarily about profits you understand why we get the news we do. They will do anything to increase audience share and that usually means dramatizing any controversy they can find.

2018-02-24_15-03-40.pngBoth of these issues find common ground in the source article from the Centrist Project above.  We need a phoenix to rise out of the current political ash heap and give us back our country. That takes money and well-principled actors. The actors are now appearing on stage and if we are serious about change the money should follow. Click on the source link above to learn how you can personally become involved.