Christianist Cult of Trump…

I will admit up front here that I cherry-picked the quotes below and the Facebook shot from a very long, agonizingly long, article from a Catholic site entitled Patheos.  The author is Mark Shea who is evidently a regular contributor to that venue.

The gun debate is an obvious case in point.  Virtually everything I have had to say about it turns on a very fundamental moral point, summed up here:


The Christianist cult of Trump advertises itself to the world as the face of Real Christianity.  So proud is it that it routinely declares the pope a heretic as it cheers for the lies, corruption and sometimes appalling cruelties to the poor and contempt for common decency that characterize this Administration.  And the world watches and believes them when they say they are the true representatives of the gospel. They see when Christians give Trump a mulligan for fornicating with porn stars and join in declaring his victims to be liars. They see every lie and cruelty excused and know Christianists are full of crap.

via Why Don’t you Talk about Theology Instead of Politics, Mark?

Like many theologians, the author just can’t seem to come to the point directly. He needs to circle around it many times. But I think what I pulled out of the post is tantamount to what “Christianist cult of Trump” is doing to damage the face of Christianity.

But then again I firmly pray that these cult members are actually a minority fringe whose time will come.

I want to close out this post with another quote re-inforcing the damage these fringe groups are doing.

2018-02-25_11-58-04.pngAt a certain point in “God and Donald Trump,” the recent theological gymnastics on display from Tony Perkins and Jerry Falwell, Jr., among others, to explain ongoing conservative Christian support for a president who (allegedly) paid off a porn star weeks before Election Day so she would keep quiet about their (alleged) affair become clear. There will be no point at which Trump’s most loyal evangelical and charismatic supporters declare they have had enough. Because to do so would be to admit that they were wrong, that God wasn’t behind Trump’s election, and that their Holy Spirit radar might be on the fritz. That it was, after all, about something as temporal and banal as hating his Democratic rival.

via Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President – POLITICO Magazine

Of course, they are wrong that God put Trump in the Oval Office.  We now know that Russian trollers did it. 🙂  Will there come a point in time when Christianity will totally morph into a political organization without any reference to the spiritual one or even to the messages of Jesus? Will the word “Christian” like the word “gay” become something totally different than its previous definition? The jury is still out on that.


4 thoughts on “Christianist Cult of Trump…

  1. I hesitate to comment, but this IS the new face of Christianity. It has been politicized and twisted by the republicans and others. They use Christianity to protect gun laws, exclude minorities, no longer help the poor, keep Trump as their idol, do away with separation of church and state, ostracize people who are different and excuse immoral behavior.

    Even though I am not religious, I did grow up around Christians and this is not how they use to be. Today it is turning some totally against Christianity and drawing in others to their more extreme views and prejudices.


    1. Hi Mary, I welcome your thoughts on this issue.

      I think you are too easily giving up on the battles against those who want to subvert our way of living and spiritualizing. We need to keep up the fight to take back what they are trying to steal. And it can be done if enough of us say “enough”. Don’t give up hope. It is about all we have left right now.


  2. Until we encourage (demand?) that our clergymen stand up, in their pulpits and churches, with a firm, strong, and constant message of “bulls_ _t” on this brand of Christianity nothing will change.

    Typically it has been the traditional Christians who walk out or withhold donations when they don’t like the Christian message being preached. Maybe it is time for those of us who want a stronger push back on “Christian Thrumphism” to do the leaving and withholding donations.
    How else can we get back to the real message?


    1. Good thoughts here Bob. I think it is beyond the tipping point now in both the political and spiritual realms for basic change. The majority just need to STAND UP against all the fringe groups trying to kidnap our way of life.


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