For Some, The World Is Very Small Place

canstockphoto5994395.jpgI am a person who almost demands constant change. Doing the same thing over and over again is very boring to me. Maybe I am different from most in that regard?  I recently saw a TV show where an old person proudly proclaimed that he still lives in the house he was born in. My first thought was that he certainly lives in a tiny world. To never venture outside what may be comfortable to you is to stagnate as far as I am concerned. I can’t imagine remaining in one place for my whole life!

I know in my grandfather’s generation many people were born and died in the same small community. But that changed radically for my father’s generation. When they came back from WWII, they often restarted their lives pretty independent of family connections. The following generations have often lived and traveled in foreign countries at very young ages.

I see where it is common for high school trips to go outside our borders. I would never have dreamed of that back then. We, the class of 1965, were the first to go on our senior trip in an airplane.  Given that most of what we now buy is made in foreign countries, the world is much smaller than it once was.  Everything is interconnected now.  Some think that is good and some don’t. I guess I am the former variety. I personally celebrate the diversity of life. Contrary to what #CO3 says, America is about diversity.

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#CO3 = current oval office occupant

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