Cutting Taxes Is The Easy Part…

2018-04-23_18-51-12.pngAs the new header says the GOP just loves to cut taxes but that is the easy part.  They just don’t seem to be up to the more difficult part of cutting spending, or at least cutting it where a majority in Congress will agree.  They most often propose to cut entitlements as they call them.  Those are things that help the average citizen along in life. Things like Social Security, food for the poor, healthcare for those who can’t afford it are near the top of the chopping block list for them.

They don’t seem to realize that we are a nation that cares for the welfare of our citizens.  We, as our constitution says, promote the general welfare of our citizens. We care for each other.  The ironic part of the enigma related to this is that most of the GOP claim that the US is a Christian nation.  Jesus, who is the foundation of Christianity, said the two most important things in life are to love God and to love each other.  It’s hard to make anyone believe we love them while at the same time stripping a safety net out from under them.

I saw something the other day that shows that for the last forty years or so the Democrats have been more fiscally responsible than the GOP.  One of the biggest flaws of the GOP is that they can’t stop throwing money at our war machine, even when they don’t need it.

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2 thoughts on “Cutting Taxes Is The Easy Part…

  1. I am not so sure we are still a nation that cares for each other. The new Christianity that denigrates other groups and prays for material goods is playing a very prominent role in accelerating this process.
    It appears a significant portion of our country wants a pure capitalist society. Every man for himself and very little in the way of social safety nets. Be careful what you wish for. It is so very easy to go from the haves to the have not’s.


    1. Don’t let the times get you so down W Fred. Yeah, because the 75% of us got too lazy we allowed 25% of the population who fear just about everything put a totally incompetent person in the Oval Office. I don’t think many of that 75% will make the same mistake this November.


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