A Broken Clock…

2018-05-10_16-52-17.pngI like the old saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Of course, that only applies only to analog clocks as the digital ones just go blank. What brought this thought is some of the actions around #CO3 recently. I certainly enjoy making fun of some of his daily screw-ups but in the same light, I have to also give him credit for good things that may happen because of his occupancy. Let’s get on to that in this post.

If it is true, and I am VERY skeptical about it, #CO3 should get some credit for the possible reunification of Korea.  It took a person who is even more unstable than the North Korean leader to scare him into a reconciliation that has been waiting seventy years to happen. It looks like Kim Jong Un blinked.  If it happens I hope that we can finally get all our soldiers and war machines out of Korea and let them take care of their own business from then on.  Maybe it will even cause a trend to remove them from other parts of the world? Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could pare down our military spend to something comparable to the rest of the world?  Right now we, 5% of the world population, spend more than the rest of the world combined on our war machine. All that money could be used to provide universal healthcare for our citizens and even a better safety net for those who fall on hard times.

Thanks #CO3 for outcrazing the craziest in the world. Your skills are good for something after all. 🙂

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#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant.

4 thoughts on “A Broken Clock…

  1. I have been thinking similar thoughts. As little as I think of Trump, I too have been thinking and even saying out loud that we should give him credit when/if he does something right. As much as his election terrified me, I said from the beginning that I would pray for his success. After all our country and our lives depend on it. I still think he is a creepy, arrogant person that I would not want to associate with personally, but will continue to pray that he does more good than harm until we can make a change for the better. I also live in Indiana, so my one vote probably won’t do much.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Jackie. Yeah, I too think he is a creepy, arrogant narcissist but we have to tolerate him for at least a while yet. I just wish we would finally get rid of the very antiquated electoral college and let the vote count determine who is president. Instead, we let a relatively small minority put him in office. I hope after he is long gone we take care of these types of things to bring our democracy up to current standards so that it will last another 250 years. 🙂


  2. North and South Korea will not be unifying. North Korea will not give up their nuclear arms. Libya is a perfect example of what happens if you give up your nukes. Why would a rational person sign their own death warrant? Sorry if this sounds negative but in this case logic trumps optimism.


    1. I kinda think you are making too many assumptions there Fred. 🙂 Yeah, I have heard all those comments from the pundits also, but just because it happened to one dictator that did it doesn’t mean that it will always happen. I could use the example of East and West Germany to say the opposite. Because of my Aspie traits I am a very logical person, but if I am going to predict something here I want to do it with some optimism. There is too much pessimism in the world right now without me adding my share.

      But what you say just may happen…


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