When In Doubt, Vote For The Woman.

My new mantra for the coming election cycle is stated in the title of today’s cackle. We have pretty much given men control of our government for the last 242 years, it’s time for a change.  I think women generally are much more blessed when it comes to empathy and compassion, and that is what is sorely missing from our politics today and even the world in general.

There are a couple of ways to make some real changes in how we govern ourselves. One is to bring on a third party to eventually replace at least one of the existing two. The main problem with that as I see it is that the majority of the third party would likely come from the Democrats.  That would do nothing but give more power to those who currently so poorly running things.  I think eventually a third party is a primary solution to our basic problem but it has some negative short-term consequences.

Given the recent State primaries, it looks like I am not the only one to looks to the female of the species to get us out of our current mess.  They won big in several States and I am hoping that that trend is applicable in the remainder of them.

So, my advice to you is when in doubt this coming fall election vote for the woman. Let’s give them a chance to see how they do. It couldn’t be any worse than it is now.

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2 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Vote For The Woman.

  • I am not sure voting for women is the answer to this current mess – we’ve had so many great Presidents – I don’t even think the problem is Trump – I think it is the people who voted for him and still support him – quite frankly a group of people I’ve never thought a great deal about until after the election. There is a strong underlying current in our Country today that has divided us – I never realized the depth of racial tension and the lack of compassion that is so prevalent today – It’s all about money – power – control – I fear sometimes it will take something drastic to shake our core and bring us to our senses – Talking to people – seeing their anger and frustration – seeing the moral decay and the loss of family values – the “I” instead of “we” – no balance – it’s as though everyone has lost their mind – But I too think this will pass as all things do. I, too, think there are great days to come – I just wish they would get here.


    • Thanks for the thoughts, Mary Ellen. I don’t think there is a “the answer” to all of this as it is just too multi-faceted. But I think we should try more women in our Congress to see what would happen. If the mid-terms don’t make a dramatic change then I, and I suspect many others will go into a deeper depression. So, let’s do what we can and show up to the polls to dwarf the 25% who caused this catastrophe.


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