Works In Mysterious Ways…

2018-06-08_08-13-18.pngWhen I was a member of an Evangelical church the most often phrase I heard when its members couldn’t reconcile something recently happened with their beliefs in the bible was that “God works in mysterious ways, we just have to trust Him”. I always thought that was more of a cop-out than an explanation of the situation. But that is not the topic of this post.

It seems that these same Evangelicals put that phrase onto unexplainable actions of #CO3!  They say that he just needs to be trusted and we should disregard all the lies and gross exaggerations that come from this mouth in order to get the greater good that his presidency will provide. Again this is a humongous cop-out as far as I am concerned.

I was personally exposed to an extreme narcissist for a good part of my life and see the same things in #CO3. He emphatically¬†believes that he is capable of doing anything and doesn’t have to put in the work to do it.¬† He proudly boasts that he basically sleeps through his daily briefing and he simply operates at a gut level and doesn’t need anything else. That is not a person I would put ANY trust in.¬† How can the Evangelicals put total trust in this very untrustful person is beyond my comprehension. That belief is doing as much harm to their religion as it is to our democracy.

#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant

8 thoughts on “Works In Mysterious Ways…

  1. You have made an interesting connection here. I have struggled with that concept as well, (& questioned this at “churches” to the dismay of many) because technically the Bible TELLS us how God works, so if one were to READ it, it’s no longer a “mystery”, it’s documented. It’s satan who works in “mysterious” ways, but then once you recognize his tactics, they are no longer mysterious either. We must allow God to deprogram us of those evangelicalisms (read: LIES)…or not.

    And I like that acronym of yours, CO3!ūüėĀ


  2. Saw on the news Franklin Graham said what trump was doing separating children from their parents was horrible and wrong. Wonder if he really means it or sees the writing on the wall for this hypocritical evangelicalism and wants to cover his —.

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  3. You are correct that Trump does not think he has to “put in the work ” that is required to understand the many subjects he has to deal with as president. The average American voter also does want to “put in the work” before they vote. Americans are very uniformed on most of the issues that face our country. They quite simply do not want to know. There are a few exceptions, but not that many. If the Democrats win the next presidential election it will also be done with uniformed voters. We seize upon a few issues that matter to us personally and the discussion of the greater good is out the window. Our voluntary lack of education on the issues is perfectly reflected in our current presidential selection.

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    1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Fred. It is amazing that we didn’t get into our current situation until now. I’m not even sure they are teaching history and government in school and give the polls if they are they are not doing a very good job of it.

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