Infatuation With Dictators??

I have said here many times that #CO3 is driven totally by his self-image. Being an extreme narcissist everything simply has to be about him. Keeping that in mind read below what Politico says about some of his latest insanities.

President Donald Trump reliably tells the truth on one thing: He likes the way dictators do business.

“He speaks, and his people sit up at attention,” Trump said on Friday morning of North Korean despot Kim Jong Un in an interview with Fox News — a network where he receives no shortage of praise. “I want my people to do the same.”…

Vladimir Putin’s also a tough guy whom Trump praises for running his country well. So is Rodrigo Duterte, whose executions of drug dealers without trial in the Philippines is something Trump has said he’s looking into.

Source: Donald dreams of dictators – POLITICO

As I see it he is becoming a very dangerous person if no one will stand up to him.  His own party, well at least is adopted party for convenience, seems to be totally afraid to call him to task on any of his many abusive blunders. When our government of three separate branches ceases to function, our democracy could be in serious trouble.

It appears that #CO3 is starting to get comfortable in his new job and kinda thinks he wants to make it permanent.  Will the other two branches continue to cower under his insanity or not?  We can only pray that they somehow find the fortitude to make him eventually accountable for his actions and constant lies.

It is very troubling how he praises the world’s dictators and accosts our allies with his usual stinging words.  I pray the mid-term elections will cause some level of balance to be restored in our three branch system.

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#CO3 =  Current Oval Office Occupant


2 thoughts on “Infatuation With Dictators??

  1. Because of everything you mentioned, I’ve turned my focus to members of Congress. These are the collaborators and sycophants and hangers-on who have demonstrated a very high level of cowardice. Even the ones who speak out still vote in lockstep, with few exceptions. The line I’ve used in emails and letters to congressional members is this: “This president will destroy any legislative legacy or esteem you may have built, but there is still a chance that you may redeem your humanity.”

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    1. Thanks for the comment Michelle and coming for a visit here at RJsCorner. It looks like you have decided on a path through all this insanity inside the beltway. I just hope that we, the people the congressmen represent, can be nudged them back to a path that includes some level of compromise and principles. If not, then this party over principles could be our downfall. We all have to do what we can…

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