Kicking The Can…

2018-06-19_11-22-04.pngI see where the Supreme Court chose to kick the can down the road instead of finally addressing the issue of gerrymandering.  The very basic foundation in our country is “one person/one vote”.  It’s bad enough with the electoral college that the sparsely populated “Red State” folks in the middle of the country have almost twice my voting power.

Gerrymandering plain and simple is an affront to the very meaning of democracy. If I happen to be one of those folks who gets my vote taken from me because of where I live, I would be pissed. I am pissed! I am a progressive living in the very conservative State of Indiana so my vote rarely counts.

We need to do whatever it takes to get back to “one person/one vote” The Supreme Court could do something about that if they just had the courage to do their jobs. But, of course, SCOTUS is now just as political and as red as the other two branches of government.

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One thought on “Kicking The Can…

  • The republicans are going to have more and more control and all because there are too many people that think like trump…haters, racists, far right religious nuts, greedy corporations and control freaks.
    You know I’m not an optimist from prior comments, and the writing is on the proverbial wall.


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