Let The Fringes Have the Parties…

No, I am not talking about the BYOB type parties but instead, this post is about the current political parties that have our government functions gridlocked. The extremism of both parties is leaving a gawking hole in the middle of our political landscape.

The Republican party is now dominated by those who fear just about everything and just want to batten down the hatches and try to continue to live in their white-dominated society and oh yes, there is always the abortion issue. They don’t really plan on doing anything about that one but just talking about it sure does get their base excited. And of course, hatred of the other party is essential to being a member.

The Democratic party is now dominated by fringe minorities. It is about those who want abortion-on-demand, opening our borders to anyone who cares to make the trip, and making government bigger and bigger. And of course, hatred of the other party is essential to being a member.

But, what about those of us who are stuck in the middle with no one any longer representing our views or morals? Do I dare say it!! I believe that those in the middle are far bigger part of the population than those on the fringes.

What is it going to take and how long will it be before another option is available to us in the middle? Let the fringes have the current parties, and we will start up a new one. I know that will leave us in this insanity for a while yet but that is about the only way out of this quagmire that I can see. Gridlock is difficult when there are three parties involved.

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