I Don’t Want To…

I don’t want to be united with people who think Trump is a good person

2018-07-08_09-23-38.pngThe words above came from a comment to the Facebook posting that centered around the picture here.  It got me to thinking about my personal attitude about those who think Trump is a good person.  I just returned from a uRV trip to see the Madison Regatta in southern Indiana. On my route there I stopped at a small town restaurant for lunch. When I opened the door I was greeted with a large screen TV with Fox News glaring at me! To make matters worse several of the patrons were wearing the now familiar red hats with the MAGA logo. I was very tempted to just turn around and walk out but I realized this was probably the only dining option available in the area.

I’m sure by many other standards most of these folks are good people, but does that ameliorate their political and moral stands? Can I look past that to see their goodness? The short answer to that is “I don’t know?” That stand just seems to tarnish everything else.  I know fear is what drives many of them. They see “their way of life” changing and are willing to grab on to ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. Morality and Truth are two of those causalities.

This is one of those times when I kinda wished I could hear again.  I would love to have heard some of the stories at the tables around me. I could only imagine that some of those stories are about all those people who are invading their world. But then again, maybe they were just chitchatting about their daily lives.


  1. I too live in Indiana so I see and hear Trump supporters and apologists every day (almost). The nostalgia gene runs deep in this state (and I assume many states like it) at least from the older crowd and even the younger in the rural areas. I mean heck the license plate has an image of a covered bridge – not exactly a forward thinking image in my opinion. There is a longing for the old days (1950’s) and a theme of “if we can just get back to God” all will be well. There is a desire to believe in a static universe and that change ( at least in any sort of progressive direction) is inherently bad.

    So are they “bad” people? I don’t think so. They are friendly and helpful and overall nice folks and I think this is an ok place to be. But they seem to be in a different place than me and appear see this country as a white, Christian country and any others are simply “visitors” who need to be tolerated and are only allowed here in the US at the natives’ sufferance. At least this is what I hear as I interact with the long time residents. I retired here 3 years ago to be closer to the wife’s family. I actually went to college here and worked here for a few years so this is not new to me but it seems more pervasive or vocal than it was 40-50 years ago. (Even though the KKK originated in Southern Indiana)

    My apologies to Indiana readers (esp. RJ) who are reading this and I am open to correction or alternate opinion but this has been my experience.


    • Hi Bob, and thanks for the comments. I agree with a good part of what you say. Except for 4 years in New Jersey, I have lived here all my life. In my high school years, we used to go out west of town to jeer at the cross-burners in their sheets. But what gets me especially during these times is that these, maybe well-intentioned folks, have jettisoned any sense of empathy, morality, and truthfullness in order to cheer on their national leader. They think he will give them what they want but in reality, he is totally focused on himself and NOTHING else is even a remote second. Why can’t they see the damage he is doing?


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